David Lynch Tries His Hand As A Weatherman, And It's Weird (Of Course)

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David Lynch posts video discussing the weather. David Lynch posts video discussing the weather. Image: YouTube

There is no doubting the genius of David Lynch.

The American filmmaker is the mastermind behind such cult classics as 'Mulholland Drive' and 'Eraserhead' as well as his creme de la creme work: 'Twin Peaks'.

But it's also without doubt Lynch is just a little crazy; that's why his fans love him so much.

The recipient of an Academy Honorary Award in 2019, it seems David is marinating in his crazy juices while in lockdown if his work as a weatherman is any indication.

Simply titled 'Weather Report 5/11/20' (and the first video uploaded to the David Lynch Theater YouTube page) this may seem like a basic, if not boring piece of film.

Rather, it has all the subtle nuance Lynch fans have come to expect from his creations. It's almost poetic in its delivery. Oh, and enjoy peeping what David has lying around in his 'office'.



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