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'Cosmic Sin' 'Cosmic Sin'

Writer/Director Edward Drake ('Apex', 'Broil') explores mankind’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for violence in his new film ‘Cosmic Sin’; which paints a bleak picture of a world where technology has evolved but sadly humanity has not.

Set far into the future, ‘Cosmic Sin’ at times feels like a gratuitous celebration of mankind’s shoot first ask questions later mentality and follows a group of soldiers as they launch a pre-emptive strike against an alien race when first contact fails.

Written by Edward and Corey Large (who plays Dash in the film) ‘Cosmic Sin’ has a slightly dystopian feel to it thanks in part to the darkness of the sets. From crumbling dive bars on earth to intergalactic settlements and spaceships, each set, while visually stunning, depicts a world largely void of colour and life. Equally depressing is the writers’ decision to present most of the film's small cast of characters as either cynical, battle weary/hardened individuals or over-eager soldiers and you have to wonder what kind of future could inspire such a bleak outlook.

Bruce Willis stars as James Ford, a notorious general with a bloody battle history who is called upon to stop an intergalactic war before it begins. Jaded and brooding, Ford is a hard character to emotionally connect with and despite some small moments of fragility there is little to love about the man. Co-stars Frank Grillo, Corey Large, Brandon Thomas Lee and Perrey Reeves are equally cynical in their roles as General Ryle, Dash, Braxton Ryle and Dr Lea Goss and again, while there are moments of tenderness and vulnerability between the characters none are particularly memorable.

‘Cosmic Sin’ explores the impact the 'Us vs. Them' mentality has on mankind’s interactions and decisions and while the plot isn’t particularly challenging it has enough gun fights and explosions to keep the viewer entertained.

‘Cosmic Sin’ in is cinemas now.



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