Binge Watch: Stan's 'Des' Portrays The Grisly World Of British Serial Killer Dennis Nilson

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'Des' is currently streaming on Stan in Australia. 'Des' is currently streaming on Stan in Australia.

For most Australians the name Dennis Nilsen will mean nothing. However, after a quick Wiki read, you'll be left with chills.

A new, three-part series currently streaming on Stan, 'Des' explores how Dennis Nilsen was able to murder a string of young men in his two North London flats between 1978-1983.

Nilsen's crimes didn't come to light until a neighbour called a plumber about a blocked drain.

When biological material in the form of human flesh and bones was discovered, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay was called in and soon after Nilsen was arrested.

"Are we talking about one body or two?" he was asked. Nilsen replied: "Fifteen or sixteen, since 1978. I'll tell you everything."

Based on the book 'Killing For Company' by Brian Masters (written with Nilsen's full cooperation), 'Des' focuses on the personal and professional consequences of coming into contact with a man like Nilsen

David Tennant ('Broadchurch', 'Camping', 'Mary Queen Of Scots') portrays Nilsen, while Daniel Mays ('White Lines', '1917') plays DCI Peter Jay with Jason Watkins ('The Crown', 'Trollied') as Brian Masters.

All three episodes of 'Des' are available to stream on Stan.



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