Big Brother 2020: Recap Of Episode Fourteen

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Spoiler alert. . . Obviously.

We’re 40 seconds into the episode and Dan is being swooped by a magpie. Already loving it. Let’s go BB, bet you can’t beat that level of entertainment.
Okay now we’re deep in the feels as Casey consoles Marissa because she’s feeling lost without Angela. Yeah, get in line with the rest of Australia, Marissa. I have never wanted to watch someone drink tea more in my life. Please come back Angela. Where are you.

Mat’s getting a little shirty with Kieran because he hums a lot, makes popping noises with his lips, and doesn’t do the dishes. 

Meanwhile, Big Brother gives Chad and Sophie a one month anniversary breakfast surprise. The look on Sophie’s face when Chad tells her to get ready is genuinely adorable. Help!

SOphieChad BB20
I’m melting.

Sophie abandons Marissa in the middle of cooking. I take back all that ‘adorable’ stuff Sophie you’re a monster. Go back and help Marissa. Do you have a heart?! 

Not to mention she reveals the skirt she’s wearing is from her sister’s wardrobe. So not only are you a kitchen abandoner, you’re a klepto as well. What do you even see in her, Chad?

Okay never mind re the kitchen thing, turns out Marissa is fine without her. Yas queen.

The breakfast setup out in the yard is cute, and all the housemates creepily watch on from the window as Chad and Sophie sit down to eat. Everyone’s “aww”ing except for Sarah who just wants to let everyone know “they get coffee!” and “they get avocado!”. Sophie reveals she’s never had a picnic, and honestly with the kitchen incident and the clothing stealing on top of this, you may as well walk now Chad. Seriously. Who is this woman.

Casey’s in the bedroom, not at all here for anyone having a nice time. She’s folding her clothes angrily. Stupid one month anniversary losers. Sarah, whatever you do, don’t go in there and tell Casey they get coffee and avocado. That will just put her over the edge.

Casey begins to use the all-too-familiar language of botched, spliced audio clips to let us know she wants Chad and Sophie out because they ganged up on Xavier last eviction. 

“Do you reckon they’ll work on the outside?” Dan asks about Chad and Sophie.
“Breakfasts?” Sarah replies. Oh my god protect her at all costs. 

Things get kinky as Big Brother reveals that not only is he all around the housemates, but today he will be ‘within’ them. Hearing this, I pull exactly the same face as Sophie does. I’m beginning to think, yet again, that this should be airing at a later timeslot.

Sophie Confused BB20
Sophie’s wondering when she signed up to be in an intimate relationship with Chad AND Big Brother.

Today’s house challenge requires the housemates to be controlled by Big Brother like a remote: fast-forwarding, rewinding, pausing, and more, throughout the day. If they all succeed, they get a feast of burgers. Please. For the love of god. Fail this challenge. We’re 14 episodes in and Big Brother has pretty much given them a pass on every single challenge so far. I want them to starve. To cry. To flail around on the floor in desperation. COME ONNNNNNNNN!

I mean, he makes them pause while they’re eating a Paddle-Pop, which is base-level torture. . . Make one of them pause when they’re underwater in the pool or something! What?

Wow they passed. What a surprise. 

“I feel like this is helping us all bond,” Sophie says as they chow down on burgers during this ridiculously easy and not at all high-stakes holiday, I mean, competition.

Later, five of the housemates are outside. Marissa points out that this is what it will be like when there are five housemates left. Holy sh.t how have I made it 14 episodes into this garbage.

She decides to try and use what she’s learnt from Angela and get Casey to say she wants Chad and Sophie out, while Chad is sitting about 15 metres away. Then, she makes a b-line straight for Chad to let him know Casey wants them out. He tells Casey and Dan straight away. Hmm. . . I think you need a few more lessons from Angela on how to be a successful sleuth, Marissa. That one didn’t quite go as planned.

The nomination challenge involves planking while their feet are planted at different points on the floor. This one does look pretty tough and is a little more threatening than dominos and musical chairs, thank the lord. Sophie, Chad, Dan and Casey are left, near the end. Casey promises that if the others drop out, she won’t nominate any of them. They all drop out and they’re all stupid idiots because why would you trust someone this late in the game she is obviously going to nominate you, you utter fools.

Oh. Never mind. She is boring and decides to put up Marissa and Kieran. After all that whining about Chad and Sophie needing to go. 

Marissa wants to know why Casey nominated her. While that conversation is happening, we get to watch Kieran drinking water for some reason. Lucky us.

Kieran drinking BB20
It’s not Angela and it’s not tea. Take it back. Get it off my screen.

Marissa’s doing some pretty self-destructive scrambling to get some people on her side, which isn’t making her look great. Kieran’s just drinking water and assuming he’ll be completely safe, even though pretty much everyone left has voiced how annoying he is. Don’t get too comfortable Kieran.

Sidenote: Marissa is serving an absolute look tonight, a hot pink dress with puffy shoulders and slicked back hair, while Kieran’s sitting there in a vest doing that popping thing with his lips. Seriously why is he still here.

Marissa goes home but at least she gets to leave the house looking like a queen. 

So now it’s just all young, white, straight people left. Wow! Who saw that coming?! It's almost like they watered it down to suit their goal demographic!

‘Big Brother’ is on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays on Seven.



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