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It's a new week in the 'Big Brother' house, and we're here to recap episode four.

If you missed the first three episodes, check out our recap of those here.

Enjoy. Spoiler alert. . . Obviously.

The episode opens with Angela flat-out judging the other housemates for waking up and doing yoga, proclaiming that she’s more “a lady of leisure”. . . Same.

Meanwhile, love is (maybe?) in the air between Sophie and Chad, and Sophie’s pretty annoyed that he hasn’t cuddled her yet. Fair call to be honest. Get a move on Chaddy boy.

Today, the housemates are given the chance to receive a chocolate fountain complete with sweets and champagne for the entire household. It doesn’t come easy though. In some kind of sick crossover with ‘Fear Factor’, a selection of the group are forced to confront their phobias.

A giant gingerbread house has appeared in the yard, aptly named the ‘gingerdread’ house. LOL!!!!!!!!! Get it?! Big Brother you so funny. The prospect of facing fears sees some people turning interesting shades of grey.

Smol bean Sarah is up first. Her phobia is knees. Okay then.

Four knees stick through four holes in the wall of the ‘gingerdread’ house. They’re hairy. One’s got a Band-Aid on it.

“They’re hairy!” Sarah says. “One’s got a Band-Aid on it!”

Told you.

She rubs moisturiser on the knees. Oh, she’s not just doing it voluntarily because she’s skilled in identifying dry skin, she has to. . . As part of the challenge. Just so we’re clear.

The rest of the housemates chosen are put through similar hell. Danni’s phobia is bubble baths. She needs to make a beard out of bubbles. Angela’s is dogs, and she needs to put a hat on a dog. Daniel’s is pigeons, and he needs to eat an ice-cream in front of them. By the end of this, he’s got it all over his mouth and shirt, looking a little deranged.

Dan Deranged BB20
Is this a screenshot from one of the 'Saw' movies or something? U OK Dan?

As funny as the concept is for television, this entire segment is genuinely kind of harrowing to watch. Long story short, they complete the challenge successfully. Yay. Ian gives Angela some adorable words of congratulations for facing her fear of dogs, before getting all caught up because he misses his pets. I’M NOT CRYING SOMEONE IS JUST CHOPPING ONIONS. STOP CHOPPING ONIONS.

“I think I miss my gecko the most.”

Okay I’m going to need someone to bring Ian his gecko, stat.

Anyway, stop it. There’s no time for those feels. It’s time to go back to Sophie and Chad getting all lovey-dovey. Chad tells Sophie he had a dream about her, which then went into a nightmare about clowns. Dammit, I thought the emotional stuff was over. How beautiful.

Sophie says she feels like a 12-year-old girl. Literally what is going on.

She heads to the diary room to gush. We get some sultry shots of Chad showering. Sophie’s saying words but I can’t quite make them out for some reason. . . Hmm. . . I wonder what brand of shampoo Chad uses.

Big Brother agrees to play wingman for Sophie and later calls Chad to the diary room to ask him some questions. He tells Big Brother that Sophie makes him happy. That’s. . . Promising! #goals

It’s time for the chocolate fountain party. Angela, who mentioned about four minutes prior that she “doesn’t do chocolate”, is French kissing the chocolate fountain. Ohhhh, I guess that’s just the foreplay BEFORE “doing chocolate”.

They all go to bed and SophAd/ChOphie is in full swing. Chad finally cuddles Sophie, while she hangs halfway off the bed and he slowly drifts into another clown-infested nightmare about her. Sweet dreams!

Chad Soph Cuddle BB20
Imagine waiting what felt like forever for a cuddle only for it to be. . . This.

It’s the day of the nomination challenge and tensions are slowly rising. There’s some low, brooding music and shots of housemates divided in groups, each discussing their strategies for eviction. Gripping stuff. Angela and Marissa agree that Queen Talia and King Dan need to go, Marissa making the shocking revelation that Talia can’t even hug her. Good point Marissa, why would anyone want someone in the Big Brother house who doesn’t know how to hug? Seriously.

Intending to save himself, true to his previously-known headless chook ways, Kieran throws literally all his friends under the bus by telling Dan and Talia that they’re planning on voting for them if they win. Yikes!

Dan responds to this news gracefully, tossing out random threats in the yard to anyone who will listen.

“Come get it,” he says. “I’ve had enough today. Who’s next?”

Oooooh. Scary boy. Talia asserts her dominance with Angela. It doesn’t work. Soz Talia.

The housemates head into the basement – for the challenge, don’t worry! This isn’t one of Chad’s nightmares.

They have to stand on tiny footholds sticking out of giant wind chime-like poles which swing side to side. It sounds kind of easy, and even looks pretty simple, but at regular intervals they all need to step up to a new set of footholds, smaller than the last. Last person left on their pole wins. By the way, who comes up with these?

The final two are Angela and Sophie, Angela giving us the most iconic moment of the season so far by applying lip gloss mid-challenge. Cut to Dan and Talia, who would rather her not do that because they want to be iconic.

Angela LipGloss BB20

Angela, suddenly a fortune teller, lets Sophie know that she’s going to win. Sophie gives her the win, after Angela assures her that she won’t be putting Talia or Dan up for eviction.

Angela puts Talia and Dan up for eviction along with Casey. I guess she’s not a fully qualified fortune teller yet.

Casey’s only there because no one will vote her out. Smart move.

Later that evening, Dan aggressively irons a shirt while Angela gets ready at the other end of the room. Instead of building up the courage to go over and confront Angela directly, he decides to mutter under his breath that Angela should build up the courage to come over and tell him why he’s nominated. Wait what?

Talia evicting Dan BB20
"That's probably the hardest thing I've ever said in my life," Talia cries, after saying "I would like to evict Dan". LOL

What follows is the juiciest pre-eviction chat with Sonia we’ve had so far. Talia appears to have swapped places with someone completely different at just the right time, letting Sonia know she fell in love with everyone in the house and just wants to make friends. Then she confirms that if she were to stay, there’d be blood in the house tomorrow and everyone would be on their tiptoes. Weird friendship.

Talia gets sent home, with 11 votes. Makes sense, considering blood is probably pretty difficult to get out of carpets and who’s going to have time to clean it up amidst all these challenges?

‘Big Brother’ airs Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays on Seven.



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