Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2021 Preview Brisbane Review @ Palace Barracks Cinemas

‘La Daronne’ (The Godmother) ‘La Daronne’ (The Godmother)

After a debilitating and depressing year for the arts in 2020, it was just so lovely to be able to head back into the movie theatre and settle back to watch a film.

Even more exhilarating was that the film on offer was part of the 2021 French Film Festival.

With champagne upon arrival, and a goodie box filled with a selection of French baked delights, the night was off to an excellent start.

Lucky for the crowd at this screening, there was an extended set of previews to ooh and aah over, and notes were made about which films were must-sees.

Then onto the main event ‘La Daronne’ (The Godmother), a delightful romp of a drama starring Isabelle Huppert and directed by Jean-Paul Salome.

The story revolves around Patience Portefeux, a middle-aged police interpreter who is playing both sides after translating an impending drug bust.

Described as ‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Cheech & Chong’, this film is entertaining, engaging and a mix of laughs and on-the-edge-of-your-seat tension.

It blends film noir, drama and comedy and brings in elements of female empowerment, mature love and embracing unexpected opportunities when they arise.

A fabulous way to kick off the 2021 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival!

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Tour Dates

2-31 March – Palace Central, Palace Verona, Palace Norton Street, Chauvel Cinema & Hayden Orpheum Cremorne (Sydney)
3-31 March – Palace Cinema Como, Palace Balwyn, Palace, Brighton Bay, Palace Westgarth, Astor Theatre, The Kino & Pentridge Cinema (Melbourne)
4-31 March – Palace Electric Cinema (Canberra)
10 March-7 April – Palace Raine Square, Luna Leederville, Windsor Cinema, Luna on SX & Camelot Outdoor Cinema (Perth)
11-20 March – State Cinema (Hobart)
17 March-13 April – Palace Barracks & Palace James Street (Brisbane)
23 March-20 April – Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas & Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas (Adelaide)
24 March-14 April – Palace Byron Bay
8-11 April – Riverside Theatres Parramatta (Sydney)



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