A Night Of Horror International Film Festival 2021 Programme

'My Cherry Pie' 'My Cherry Pie'

It’s almost October, which means it’s the perfect time to unveil the 13th A Night Of Horror International Film Festival.

This year the event is going virtual, with films streaming on demand over two weeks and promising to be spectacular. It’s Australia’s longest-running horror film festival.

“I’m not superstitious,” Festival Director Bryn Tilly says. “This year is our lucky 13th! It’s vital to maintain such an important cultural event, and with [new streaming platform] Xerb we are able to expand our reach, our programme, and duration. No mutant virus will stop A Night of Horror! Be afraid, be very afraid!”

RedRiverRoad NightOfHorror
'Red River Road'

The features programme is packed full of international and Australian premieres – an apropos 13 to be exact – including opening night film Addison Heath and Jasmine Jakupi’s ‘My Cherry Pie’, sinister, supernatural and spooky ‘Sunod’ from festival alumni Carlo Ledesma. Meanwhile, there’s an eerie lockdown nightmare (worse than what we’ve all been experiencing for sure!) in ‘Red River Road’, Keene McRae’s brutal noir-esque debut ‘Shot In The Dark’ and doco ‘The Brilliant Terror’.

There will also be a grand total of 37 sensational shorts across two International Shorts Showcases and an epic Australian Shorts Showcase – including the likes of ‘Exit’ from Ivan Basov, ’The Reflective Shadow’ from Joshua James and ‘Azulscuro’ from Evandro Caixeta and Joao Gilberto internationally, as well as ‘Jane’ (Noel Vinson), ‘Barnacle Face’ (Jean-David Le Goullon), ‘Effigy’ (Connor Clarke) and ‘Anoxia’ (Alex Linder) appearing in our own Australian showcase.

Sunod NightOfHorror

The jury for the 13th iteration of the festival features an array of Australian luminaries, with a few American wildcards thrown in for good measure – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Josh Reed, Ashley C. Williams, Adrian Martin, Jill Gevargizian, Richard Kuipers, Vicki Madden, Shayne Armstrong, and Faith Guoga.

Tickets are on sale now.

A Night Of Horror International Film Festival takes place online from 18-31 October.



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