Pharrell Williams and Will.i.Am's Vocal Coach Workshops

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Robert RAab Stevenson Robert RAab Stevenson

World leading vocal coach and engineer to Pharrell Williams and Will.i.Am have hosted exclusive workshops at JMC Academy.

The Platinum Vocal Workshop attracted over 600 attendees as Robert RAab Stevenson and Peter Moses held a marathon 5 hour workshop at all 3 campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

RAab is one of the world’s leading vocal coaches with clients including Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Dave Mathews, Kelly Rowland and many, many more.

Peter MosesAlong with RAab was multi-platinum audio engineer Peter Moses (left), who works in some of the world’s leading studios in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. The lucky audience members were treated to a glimpse inside the ultra-private work environment of these two creative stars, providing an invaluable interactive session of both vocals and engineering, and how these components function both separately and together.

Peter, who is Will.I.Am’s engineer and has worked with artists such as Fall Out Boy, Fergie and Usher, demonstrated the process of vocal manipulation in the studio, leaving the audience with a complete understanding of vocal workflow. Meanwhile, RAab worked with attendees on the art of vocals, styling,  performance and recording. Together, they provided a very thorough understanding of what it takes as performers, engineers and producers to get the best vocal sound, each and every time.

Those who had the courage to get up and mix it up with RAab and Peter were lucky enough to walk out with loads of RODE Microphones merch including Microphones, T-Shirts, Hoodies and more.



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