Local Animality – SAE Students Celebrate Brisbane's Best Musos

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  • Monday, 10 August 2020 09:03
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Mike Allen and Alice Headlam Mike Allen and Alice Headlam

Alice Headlam and Mike Allen reckon the Brisbane music scene is pretty special and they are on a mission to showcase just how good it is in their new project, 'Local Animality'.

'Local Animality' is a ten-track compilation album of cover tracks by Brisbane community bands and each of the unique artists featured will be covering one of Brisbane’s favourite songs, past or present.

The brainchild of Alice and Mike, Bachelor of Audio students at SAE Creative Media Institute Brisbane, 'Local Animality' has been in development for the past 18 months.

Mike says that the project aims to showcase the diversity of the music in Brisbane, and each track is produced by an artist of a different genre.

“We contacted bands and artists that we know and love and the response we received back was mind-blowing, so many people wanted to be involved,” Mike says.

“This project is designed to show our love for this community, and our music scene; which is unlike any other. It is bringing together some of the most ambitious and forthcoming musicians to celebrate our inspirations, and our ever-growing, diverse music community,” Alice adds.

SAE Mike Alice 2020 2

The album celebrates the local creative industry, and for Alice and Mike, it is also a way to develop new connections, collaborations and relationships with established artists. The diversity of the genres also allows the duo to show off the variance of their production skills.

“Brisbane is really a place for all types of creatives to forge their space in the world. We are really privileged to be a part of this flourishing and supportive community,” Alice says.

'Local Animality' is currently being recorded on site at the SAE studios in Brisbane until the end of October 2020 and will be available on vinyl for National Record Store Day in 2021.

SAE Creative Media Institute will be hosting their annual Open Day in August. Visit the website for more information. Mike and Alice will be recording 'Local Animality' live at the campus at Open Day.



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