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Photojournalist Stu Spence has released a photobook called 'When A Man Snaps: The Early Years'. Photojournalist Stu Spence has released a photobook called 'When A Man Snaps: The Early Years'.

If you're looking for that hard-to-find gift for the person in your life with a warped sense of humour, or simply need a new coffee-table book to liven up the conversation at home, then you've stumbled across the perfect stocking stuffer.

Stu Spence has photographed the likes of Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Michael Hutchence, You Am I and Regurgitator through to Brett Whitely, Nicole Kidman, Noah Taylor, comedians and many, many more.

Now the renowned photojournalist, fine art photographer, former TV host and writer has put together a great, little book of his latest works, 'When A Man Snaps: The Early Years'.

Put simply, this title is excellent and provides the perfect escape from the modern world, even if for a few moments.

It features an odds and ends collection of photos that capture the world from a slightly skewed, if somewhat weird, bent perspective. Where else can you find garbage tins turned into daleks, camping chairs acting like nervy beasts and blow-up dolls that are anxious girlfriends?

"I did'nt plan any of these photographs, I just turn up and there they are," Stu says.

"Sometimes they're hiding, other times they just wait patiently in plain sight. It's the ones you have to chase though, they're the tricky ones... you can put an eye out if you're not careful."

A visual delight (scroll down to see a selection of photos from the book), Stu's photos will provide an endless run of LOLs you'll want to share with likeminded individuals. Or keep the chuckles to yourself if you need a lil pick-me-up moment.

I particularly enjoyed the Bear Grylls gets an office job, the man and his 7 imaginary mates fishing and the Transylvania council cleanup photos.

'When A Man Snaps: The Early Years' is available now.

Airport Sign
Bear Grylls
Dog Charger
Fishing Rods
Mobile Phone Dinghy
Parking Anarchist
Self Harming Hurdles
Survival Of The Fittest
Timid Camping Chairs
Welcome To Hell



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