Sydney's Safe Place To Curb Late Night Violence

Sydney's Safe Place
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A Safe Space has been established in Sydney Square next to Town Hall to offer first aid, water, phone access and transport information to vulnerable, young people who may be intoxicated or affected by drugs.

A team of specially trained Salvation Army volunteers, the ‘Take Kare Ambassadors’, will be on hand to offer support and practical advice – from providing water to helping people sober up, to organising transport home or phoning a friend or family member.

The trial, which begun on Friday 5th December, will run from 10pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday nights for the next three months.

As part of the trial, teams of Take Kare Ambassadors will also patrol the CBDs entertainment precincts to offer help or refer people to the Safe Space for further assistance.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly, from the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, said they were pleased to help launch the Safe Space as part of the Foundation’s commitment to helping vulnerable young people get home safely. “There are currently no prevention services in place to assist young people who are ejected from venues due to being too intoxicated, and they can end up on the street in a vulnerable state with the potential of becoming either a victim or an offender,” Mr Kelly said.

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