Statement: Matt From Mashd N Kutcher Diagnosed With Cancer

Matt Minor of Mashd N Kutcher has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.
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Matt James, better known as Australian dance and electronic act Mashd N Kutcher, has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Mashd N Kutcher (MNK) are best known for their tracks ‘Do It Now’ and ‘My Sunshine’, as well as their remix of a speech from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and more specifically his quote “get on the beers”. Matt has performed sold-out shows in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

Matt will take a break from social media and upcoming tour dates with this diagnosis in mind, and he has released the following statement:

“Hi everyone, some unfortunate news, I have been diagnosed with cancer - specifically Multiple Myeloma, which forms in blood cells inside the bone marrow. This was unexpected as I was otherwise healthy, however it has spread throughout my body causing multiple breaks in my arms ribs and more. Over the immediate months we will hit this from every angle with chemotherapy and extensive treatment ahead.

I created the MNK project in 2012, with the goal of making exciting music and showcasing talented bandmates through the live shows, thankfully this can continue. For now I’ll be absent from social media and touring, however my energy and focus will be writing and producing the records, plus curating and programming the music and visuals for the live shows, which the talented collective of MNK members will perform as they always have.

Later this month MNK is headed to Asia for some headline shows then back for Australia in September, dates will be announced soon. Music wise I’m returning to the roots of of the project. If you enjoyed Sunshine or On My Mind you’ll love the next releases.

In summary, the road ahead is challenging but I’m very fortunate to have an amazing support network of family, close friends and colleagues, right now I’m physically weak but mentally strong, and I’ll be giving this everything I’ve got. Love you all.”

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