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Nash Grier Nash Grier

Social media prodigy, Nash Grier, has been smacked down on social media.

He stirred up his 4 million 'Vine' followers — and then some — when his naive video presentation advising his young female audience 'what guys look for in girls' collapsed under claims of sexism. His video with 18-year-old friend, Cameron Dallas, and 20-year-old fellow vblogger, JC Caylen, was taken down after five days of uproar.

The boys suggest girls should be fun and be able to cook. What could possibly have gone wrong? Things got worse when they criticised girls with 'fake tits' and then spoke favourably about physical attributes including those who are short and petite, but weren't in favour of girls with facial and body hair.

By the time Dallas added “You can’t be better than me at playing video games", the jig was pretty well up.

Normally we'd file this story under 'schadenfreude', but the boys likely have no idea of their own embarrassment so we've filed it under 'tech' and 'arsehat'.

Here's the train wreck in full. You won't make it to the end.



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