scenestr Magazine To Be Released As 3D Interactive From June

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3D Technology To Be Released In June 3D Technology To Be Released In June
Alas, we'll have to wait a little bit longer than June before we see 3D printing of scenestr. This article is an April Fool's special. Thank you to everyone who was Rick Rolled!

scenestr is pleased to announce that its trialling a 3D edition to be released in June.

The exciting technological advancement will help Australia's largest street press publisher include 5-second interactive clips within articles on a band or theatre production.

German and Swedish printing technology combined with particulate in paper (developed in China) will allow images to move on the paper. The company behind the groundbreaking technology, Konstantin Klamka, has been working on interactive paper for some years.

scenestr publisher, Howard Duggan, said he was "Tremendously excited to have early access to showcase the technological development. Australia was chosen as one of two countries for the initial rollout (Germany the other) because of its progressive music and arts scene. Sydney is one of the few western World Cities with Melbourne at its heels while Adelaide, for example, boasts the world's second largest Fringe festival behind Edinburgh.

"There will also be opportunity for advertisers to buy interactive ads. For example, a music festival could roll a five-second clip of the previous year's event on the page. A mobile phone manufacturer could rotate a 3-D view. The opportunities are almost endless," Mr Duggan said.

The ability to include smell and taste into paper has existed for 25 years. There is parallel investment working on incorporating sound into paper but that is still two to three-to-five years away. It is estimated that by 2030 most magazines will be offering intercative and sensorial editions covering everything from cooking to 4WD interests.

The first 3D edition of scenestr will drop nationally on 24th June with a high-profile international artist already locked in for the exclsuive.



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