One American Has Falling In Love With The AFL Big Time; Shame He's A Magpie Fan

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American sports broadcaster Pat McAfee is a super-fan of the AFL. American sports broadcaster Pat McAfee is a super-fan of the AFL.

AFL super-fan, American Pat McAfee has revealed his tribal colours and we're sorry to inform Australia he has sided with House Collingwood. On three, flip Eddie the bird!

Just before the COVID-19 enforced lockdown forced all local, professional sport into hibernation (way back in March), the former NFL punter (the skinny guys who 'punt' the ball) turned sports broadcaster became enamoured with our Indigenous game when all sport in American had been suspended, leaving US sports fans with very little to watch.

Posting a clip to Twitter, it features Pat decked out his Collingwood jumper and tiny, black shorts.

With the Pies club song blaring in the background, Pat shows off his new-found skills with the footy (once described by former Sydney Swans player and Irish sporting icon Tadhg Kennelly "like trying to chase a rabbit"), it's enough to make any rational footy head puke.

That said, what a great endorsement for Aussie Rules with Pat's Twitter followers almost numbering 2 million; and he's been wearing the Pies jumper non-stop on his show.

And it's not bad when he says AFL is "the most insane sport on earth".



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