Have You Got The $60,000 Pokemon Card Collection?

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You know how sometimes you'll hoard some of your old collectibles in the hopes they'll be worth a fortune one day?

The original Pokemon shadowless cards collection, with 103 cards, is set to fetch somewhere between $44,500AUD and $62,500AUD in an upcoming auction held by Richard Winterton Auctioneers.

They were bought in 1999 and are housed in plastic sleeves in a trading card binder, in excellent condition.

Nigel Brooks was given the collection for his 14th birthday. His family had a feeling it would rise in price over time, but never thousands and thousands of dollars!

Nigel's daughter Layla, 8, is a massive Pokemon fan and even offered to take the set off her dad's hands for £6. With that kind of interest from a brand-new generation, it's no wonder the collection looks to be selling for such a high price!

Pokemon Card Collect20201
Image - The Sale Room

“It soon became apparent that this collection could become an ace up the sleeve one day,” Nigel says. “We’ve looked after this for 20 years and hope it will go to someone who will respect it in the same way.”

Do you have this collection? Maybe it's time to dust it off and try your luck at auctioning. . . You never know how much money you could get for it.

The auction will be taking place on 27 July.



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