Did This Bystander Really Help This Parallel Parker?

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Parallel parking angel or mischievous devil? Parallel parking angel or mischievous devil?

It can be the most intense moment of your week if you don't have the ability to parallel park.

The stresses involved in manoeuvring your vehicle to within inches of hitting another vehicle or gutter without looking like you've been lifted direct from amateur hour will leave your simmering/ crying if you don't possess the skills to artfully slot your vehicle without a care in the world.

Which makes this TikTok video that recently landed on the inter-webs so spectacularly funny and beautiful at the same time.

We find ourselves somewhere in America with a video of a lady who is obviously not well-versed in the art of parallel parking.

After a couple of aborted attempts, even stopping to get out of her car to count how many steps the space is compared to her car, the lady is gifted a helpful Samaritan who attempts to guide our wayward parker home.

The real gift, though, you'll have to wait till almost the end of the almost minute-long clip. Trust. It's worth the wait.


what would you do if that was you?

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