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Yesterday, around the time of 'The Race That Shames A Nation', some guy in the leafy city of Bendigo shared some news story about some drug arrest. And that's how the fight started. And kept going.

According to the Bendigo Advertiser:
Jake Rinaldi, 24, of Maryborough, has been remanded in custody after allegedly being caught with a range of drugs with an estimated street value of $100,000.

He was caught asleep in his car at a truck stop on the Calder Highway at Ravenswood on Tuesday morning, where a search uncovered one kilogram of ecstasy, a litre of GHB, as well as quantities of ice, speed and cocaine...

Local lad Robbi Taylor shared the news item on his Facebook Page, and because everyone's besties in Bendigo*, Robbi tagged old mate Jake. And that's how the fight – entertainment – started.

There ensued death threats, grammar and spelling lessons (entirely lost on the protagonists), pot-kettle-black discourse, general f- and c-bombing, more death threats, a quick-fire who's who in the Bendigo dealing scene, and a lot of Facebook stalking.

The thread attracted so much interest that people from around the country – and no doubt Bendigo's entire population – were tagged. Each was implored to read 'from the top' for maximum lolz. As the page count burgeoned, making it to the top became impossible for some.

So, because the internet... here is a truncated version of 'the top'. You're welcome.

*Everyone might not be besties in Bendigo.


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