New Sex Map Crowns Victoria Raunchiest Australian State; Cairns Awarded Least Sexiest Place During Lockdown

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Victoria has been named Australia's sexiest state during lockdown, a new sex map has revealed. Victoria has been named Australia's sexiest state during lockdown, a new sex map has revealed.

There is little doubt most of us have all had a bit of extra time on our hands these past few months during lockdown (restrain the sniggers please).

Whether it's been tending to those odd jobs around the house that never get done, to home schooling the kids, or learning a new skill you'll never use (probably) once social-distancing restrictions lift, there's been plenty to keep us occupied and/ or distracted.

But new data released by sexual wellness brand Lovehoney – who analysed purchases from towns, cities and suburbs across all of Australia between March-May 2020 – reveal Victorians have also found plenty of time to maintain their sexual happiness, with a 113 per cent increase in items purchased.

The Garden State may well be the epicentre for new coronavirus cases, but its residents should be fine as they deal with being isolated from the rest of the country, officially named Australia's #1 'hot-bed' of sexual behaviour.

New South Wales came in second, followed by Queensland (last year's raunchiest state), WA, Tasmania, SA, ACT and lastly, our friends in the Top End, who again find themselves at the bottom for the second year running.

Lovehoney Sex Map 2020

Things seem to be getting hot and heavy a lot in Wentworth Point, just 15 kilometres west of the hustle and bustle of Sydney's CBD; the inner-west suburb near Homebush has seen an astonishingly 680 per cent uplift in sales of vibrators and lingerie, easily making it the sexiest place in Australia.

Remarkably, last year's sexiest location, Gladstone, is nowhere to be seen having dropped off to a lowly 347th position.

While surprisingly, Cairns' tropical climate is not a gateway to sexual happiness, the FNQ city finding itself with the undesirable title of least sexiest place in Australia. Ouch.

In fact, Queensland may well have to reconsider their 'beautiful one day, perfect the next' mantra considering they have 5 places ranked in the top ten least sexy list. Ipswich, just west of Brisbane, being named isn't a surprise; what is is Townsville.

Lovehoney Sex Map 2020.2

The findings also discovered the up and coming (in more ways than one) Melbourne suburb Preston has identified its kink this year with the biggest increase in sexy bondage purchases. Preston residents are enjoying being more adventurous and experimenting with bondage-play products including handcuffs, blindfolds and spankers.

"It's great to see that when Australians have had to spend time indoors, they have focussed on their wellbeing, reconnecting with themselves and their partners to explore new and exciting ways to fulfil their sexual happiness," Lovehoney Director & Head of Operations, Rob Godwin says.

To check out where your suburb ranks, click here.

Top Ten Sexiest Places In Australia

1. Wentworth Point, NSW
2. St Marys, NSW
3. West Hobart, TAS
4. Rosebery, NSW
5. North Bondi, NSW
6. Mentone, VIC
7. Clyde North, VIC
8. Clarkson, WA
9. Somerville, VIC
10. Windsor, VIC

Top Ten Least Sexy Places In Australia

1. Cairns, QLD
2. Greenwich, NSW
3. Ipswich, QLD
4. Townsville, QLD
5. Gulfview Heights, SA
6. Eagle Farm, QLD
7. Rockhampton, QLD
8. Acton, ACT
9. King Meadows, TAS
10. Callaghan, NSW



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