5 Ways To Ditch A Bitch Ex

Vixens Of Fall are a boho, country-rock trio from Queensland.
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Vixens Of Fall are a Queensland-based boho, country-rock trio comprised of sisters Nina, Wren, and LuLu.

With their infectious energy and heartfelt tunes, they have captivated audiences nationwide, earning acclaim for their melodic charm and unwavering spirit. Gina Jeffreys says: "Unexpected and sassy with attitude to burn, like nothing we have ever seen before."

Influenced by the likes of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Shania Twain, and from their humble beginnings in Cairns, Vixens Of Fall have taken their electrifying performances to iconic stages like Tamworth Music Festival Gympie Muster and Groundwater Country Music Festival.

As they work toward the band's next chapter, the trio are excited about what lays ahead. "We've been learning a lot over the last six years. We've learnt who we can depend on, who we can't, people have shown their true colours; the ebbs and flows of life.

"Papa Fox always says, 'watch what people do, not what people say', and Mama Vixen says that 'people come into your life for a reason, a season or lifetime'.

"Some people are there to help you learn a lesson; whether it's breaking your heart or healing it. Life is a wild ride. We can't wait for you to enter this new chapter with us. More on that soon."

Ahead of their appearance at Stones Corner Festival in Brisbane (5 May) – alongside The Potbelleez, Screamfeeder, Lontano and Later Daze – here the Vixens share their tips for ditching a soon-to-be ex!

1: Write songs about them. It's cathartic. Ensure that the song is full of self empowerment and through that, tell them kindly to go and 'find' themselves.

2: Give your Italian family the run down and a phone call. Let them do God's work!

3: Tell people they're dead. . . to you. That part of your life no longer exists.

4: Make sure your sisters are your alibi. . . wink! Let's be honest, you'd be all together anyway; just ensure the story is straight.

5: Wish them your best. Bless their socks and curse their jocks.

Stones Corner Festival (Brisbane) takes place 5 May.

Stones Corner Festival 2024 Line-up

The Potbelleez
Never Ending 80s
Vixens Of Fall
Later Daze
John Hanley with Don't Shoot The Hurricane

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