5 Video Games That Could Feature East Capri Songs

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Brisbane alt rock trio East Capri's newest release is an anthem for standing up to unwarranted judgement.

The trio of Eden Cartwright (vocals), Jackson Deasy (guitar) and Jamal Irlam (guitar) explore themes related to self acceptance and freedom of choice as well as spotlighting toxic shame on 'Not What They Want'.

"Originally, we wrote this song and entered it into a worldwide songwriting competition (URM Academy) – which we proudly won!" Shares the band.

"The concept was inspired by a work friend who was dealing with the judgemental opinions of certain people in his life. He was made to feel shame and regret because he chose his own path.

"We wanted this song to share that outside pressures don't matter, your success and journey is your own. We are all running our own race and shouldn't compare ourselves to anyone else."

A band who have shared the stage with fellow Brisbane acts Stepson, Headwreck, Days Like These, Revoid, Bad Neighbour and more, East Capri have made way for a new chapter with intent to broaden the possibilities of their creativity while honouring their foundations.

"We're a band that doesn't want our listeners to get too comfortable with our sound," Cartwright says. "We love to push the boundaries of the genres we find ourselves writing and incorporating new flavours and sounds into it."

Here, the band lean into their love of gaming as they list East Capri songs they reckon are ideal to soundtrack their favourite video games.

Death Stranding - EC 'Not What They Want'

'Death Stranding' is one of those games that's not like any other. It is beautiful and dreadful at the same time.

The main character is passing through a baron world torn apart by mysterious explosions, which have opened riffs where inter-dimensional entities appear and try to consume the main character. 'Not What They Want' would suit this game perfectly both sonically and visually.

The song has a feeling of atmospheric loneliness, but also displays deep emotional desperation of survival while the music video has a similar theme where the band members are also passing through a baron world seeking refuge but find themselves affected by a mysterious inter=dimensional being.

Need For Speed: Underground - 'Cleanout'

'Cleanout' was made for the 'Need For Speed' (especially 'Underground') series of games. From the neon aesthetics and fast-paced action, both the game and song share the same outcomes.

'Need For Speed' was one of the few games that introduced us to some of the best alternative heavy bands; and East Capri's 'Cleanout' would fit the bill perfectly – as if the lyrics were narrating your playable character drifting through those neon streets.

Cyberpunk - 'Veil Vision'

'Cyberpunk' is one of the most visually impressive games ever made.

With its '80s-inspired futuristic neon aesthetics and deep story elements, East Capri's 'Veil Vision' also shares similar 'Bladerunner'-styled aesthetics and story elements of betrayal and toxic relationships we can't let go of.

'Veil Vision' also has cyberpunk-inspired production that holds tension with choruses you'd expect to hear during car chases and a brutal breakdown you'd expect during a highly violent boss-fight scene.

Resident Evil 7 - 'Wake N Repeat'

'Resident Evil 7' is one of the creepiest games we've ever played and 'Wake N Repeat' is by far the creepiest song we've ever written.

'Resident Evil' is also known for its eerie and unsettling soundtracks and 'Wake N Repeat' shares the same philosophy when it comes to incorporating horror elements. It can be heard straight from the intro with our eerie and twisted synths to demonic rap sections.

Where 'Wake N Repeat' shows off its horror-inspired elements the most is how the lead guitar rises during the breakdown to induce a deep sense of panic and shock similar to the string soundbite from the 'Psycho' movie; it's what you'd expect to hear when you encounter the first real scary moment in 'Resident Evil 7' where Ethan is attacked by his wife Mia.

Helldivers 2 - 'Hold It Down'

'Hold It Down' is a very insane project we've been working on with a talented artist in the EDM genre. 'Hold It Down' has not yet been announced, but is scheduled to be released very soon.

There is no better song suited for 'Helldrivers' than 'Hold It Down'; in fact, we're going to pitch this song to Arrowhead Game Studios after this! 'Helldivers 2' is about being an army of 'helldiver' soldiers landing on alien planets mowing down waves of mechanical or bug-type enemies.

Like 'Helldrivers 2', 'Hold It Down' is extremely fast paced and highly energetic perfectly suited for the intense violence experienced during gameplay. Especially the missions where you need to defend your position – 'Hold It Down' essentially. The song is a heavy EDM/ D&B song with metal and hardcore elements spliced throughout. It is futuristically brutal!

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