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An emerging indie pop talent from Sydney, Bobby Uncle's newest release will keep you buzzing long after the last tones evaporate from the speakers.

Titled 'Coffee', and his second release of 2024, Bobby Uncle aka Liam Barrera has delivered a vibrant, sentimental slice of gorgeous pop that glides with an effortless energy as he sings about newfound infatuation that quickly leads to emotional heartache.

"I wrote the melodies to the entire track on acoustic guitar around late November," shares Liam, who also produced 'Coffee' by himself. "I had a gig on December 9th and wanted to advertise it on my Instagram by singing an unreleased song.

"At the time, I only had written lyrics for the chorus as I was anxiously into this girl I was seeing. I laid down the guitar riff in Logic and started filming myself singing over it.

"I was quite emotional at the time, which added cadence to the chorus that I would not have added previously. Fast forward, the gig was a successful night musically, but not for my relationship with this person. A few days later, I wrote the lyrics for the verses and pre-chorus."

Since the release of his first single back in 2021 Bobby has released a total of 11 singles – all conveying a different stylistic style, from hip hop to pop and everything in between.

Here, Bobby shares his favourite coffee spots in Sydney. Bless!

De Nero's in Kingsford

I get the soy cappuccino here as this is the coffee my friends always get and absolutely recommend when visiting this cafe. Friendly staff and close location make it my favourite place as well as sharing a lot of memories there.

Two of my best friend's top coffee spot as well, which is why I have spent some time there. They have been going there for so long that the staff know who they are and take care of them a lot more. It is also the only cafe in Kingsford.

Plume Cafe at UNSW

Getting the small cap from Plume on UNSW campus always hits the spot in between classes. This is where the idea for my track 'Coffee' first occurred as during that day all I had was this one person on my mind. I was desperate to try and focus as final exams were approaching.

Valentina's in Marrickville

The place has an incredibly cool vibe. Their coffee never lets me down and they have some of the best cafe food in Sydney. Location is close to plenty of rehearsal spaces making it a great spot to debrief with band mates, especially when we are playing terribly that day.

The Dose in Alexandria

The long blacks from The Dose in Alexandria is a go-to point for any coffee lover. I visited this cafe in December the morning after my gig at The Lord Gladstone the night before. I'd stayed at my friend's place that night. The vibrancy of the place was energetic and the staff were chipper.

My friend told me they never failed to help him start his morning. This is where I wrote the first verse of 'Coffee' and decided that I wanted the song to have a fast BPM to resemble that energetic feeling you have in a cafe.

Grind and Dose in Neutral Bay

This is close to where I used to live. The staff there are lovely, and the location was always very easy to get to since it was right next to Military Road. Their coffees have never let me down, and they made my mornings easier when I had to go and work in the city on Fridays.

Funnily, this was also the favourite coffee spot of the person who inspired me to write the track.

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Sun 30 Jun - Push 4 Better @ Gladstone Hotel (Sydney)
Fri 16 Aug - Music Makers Club @ Oxford Art Factory (Sydney)
Sat 24 Aug - Ramblin Rascals (Sydney)

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