5 Things Kids Can Do To Avoid Boredom During School Holidays

Junior Burger
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Junior Burger is here to save you and your little ones from boring kids music – replacing it with sick tunes instead.

Born from their 'adult band' Burger Joint, a fusion of funk, soul and rock & roll, Junior Burger is their escape to groovy, knee-tapping tunes perfect for kids of all ages.

Uncle T-Bone and Uncle Gee also make sure to convey positive messaging with their lyrics (putting the bins out, helping your parents, brushing your teeth) while raising their junior horns.

"It's time you were treated to some sick tunes to blast in the car, or out the front when you're playing street cricket," says Uncle T-Bone and Uncle Gee.

"Junior Burger are the next big thing in kids music, finally making music that's cool for the whole family to listen to – Junior Burger are rocking the boat so hard you'll end up underwater."

Ahead of their performance at Little Day Out on 14 July as part of SPARK Ipswich – gather your junior festival crew to sing, dance, create and play, or tinker with tools or make a clay self-portrait – here Junior Burger share 5 tips to make sure you don't get bored during the school holidays.

Located just 30 minutes from Brisbane's CBD, Ipswich is home to an array of world-class artists, musicians and performers who are spotlighted by the SPARK Ipswich 2024 programme.

"Junior Burger have been all over the country this year playing sick gigs at things like the V8 supercars and festivals around the country, and now they're heading to Ipswich to headline Little Day Out in Ipswich on the 14th of July.

"With that all happening it was time for Junior Burger to spill the beans on their favourite things to do on school holidays to keep the boredom away!"

1: Hanging out with your mates

It's harder to be bored when you're hanging with your homies – making fart jokes, eating lollies and talking about your favourite movies can be the funnest thing about the school holidays; plus you're not at school!

2: Riding your bike

Not only is riding your bike the coolest way to get around to your mates' place, it's also the best feeling in the world, especially if you can pull a sick wheelie or make some rad jumps out of timber and bricks.

3: Listening to rad tunes

Cranking the stereo with your mates around and listening to your favourite tunes is only half the fun, then there's cranking out some air drums, air guitars and doing the running man. Listening to tunes is the all time way to have a sick arvo.

4: Doing some jobs 'round the house

Pushing the mower around, or washing mum and dad's car makes you feel good because you've done something for someone else, and you get to look back at what you've achieved with pride; also, if your family operates a pocket-money scheme you can even pocket some dollars to take down the shops for a sneaky packet of salt and vinegar chips.

5: Walking the dog

Walking the dog is the ultimate way to not be bored – you can throw the ball down the dog park, and hang out with all the other dogs, and see their happy little faces as they run around and sniff each others butts. You can even ask to walk the neighbour's dog if you don't have one.

Junior Burger play Little Day Out as part of SPARK Ipswich at Ripley Town Centre on 14 July (two sessions: 9am & 1pm).

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