5 Self-care Practices For A Self-love Glow-up

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The female-led neo-soul Brisbane collective, Menajerie are back with the seductively sultry jam 'Melt'.

The group's first release of 2024 – following a busy 2023 that saw the release of their debut EP 'Selective Deafness' and led to a nomination at the 2024 Queensland Music Awards in the Soul-Funk-R&B category – 'Melt' is a sonic interpretation of brand-new love, when fluttering heartbeats, butterflies in the stomach, and the thirst for someone's powerful intimacy are at their strongest.

"'Melt' is about that kind of love that turns your insides to liquid gold," vocalist Gracie Mack says. "I wrote the song in the early stages of a romance that felt really healing and special.

"'Melt' kinda feels to me like a mushy love song parading as a neo-soul groover. It's enchanting, joyous and a bit sexy."

Let your knees go weak, let the heart tremble, and gaze into the endearing eyes of a romantic partner when Menajerie's launch 'Melt' with a hometown show this Friday (21 June) at Stranded Bar.

Here, Menajerie lean into the core of 'Melt' with 5 self-care practices for a self-love glow-up. "Whether you're looking for a recharge or a purge, Menajerie have five tried and tested self-care practices to give you that warm, inner glow you're craving."

1: Pamper

Obvious one, but don't underestimate the power of taking time to make your skin feel smooth, your face feel fresh or your nails feel fly.

2: Dine in bed

Planning a washing day tomorrow? Perfect, put on your guiltiest pleasure show and order some comfort food. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your cozy bed like the crumb-y queen you are. Bonus points if someone can deliver it to your bedside.

3: Scream in nature

A mountain top is best, but really any location where you're enveloped by nature is suitable. Remember to breathe from the belly and access that *primal scream*.

4: Get Handsy

Nothing like a bit of self-lovin' to encourage self-love. Put on some headphones and let yourself explore. If you live with housemates, definitely make sure of their whereabouts before putting the headphones on!

5: Clean/ Make Mess

Putting on a podcast or favourite album and cleaning a room or three of your home can be a great way to reset and feel refreshed. On the other hand maybe you're in your terror era and you feel like throwing a bunch of clothes about and ripping some stuff. Both are valid. Both are healing. All is love.

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