5 'Painkilling' Cocktails Shared By Bridget O'Shannessy

Bridget O'Shannessy is a synthpop artist based in Brisbane.
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Australian synthpop artist, Bridget O'Shannessy's newest release is titled 'Painkiller' – a song about the uncomfortable loneliness associated with closing your front door alone after a big night out.

The winner of the Development Award at the 2022 QUBE Effect programme for her track 'Sydney Street', 'Painkiller' is a dark-pop journey, exploring modern-day situationships implied by discarded heels and cologne.

"Without being too melodramatic, this song is about that ache you sometimes feel at the end of the night as you close the door of your apartment," Bridget says.

The song's second verse paints a vivid picture of solitude and tear-stained red dresses, laying bare heartache and inner turmoil, all while seeking solace from this very painkiller.

"I wrote the lyrics of the chorus on the weekend I turned 23, when I came to realise the heaviness that came with adulthood," continues Bridget.

"The mistakes we make, the love we feel, the people we spend time with, they are all born from minuscule decisions that form us as people and create our futures.

"That's so much to handle without some sort of IKEA handbook to follow, let alone a person. It's so much and it's so lonely."

A perfect antidote to counteract such loneliness is an adult beverage or two, so Bridget has shared with us five cocktails that have a 'painkilling' effect, adding a twist to some old classics and sharing her own recipes, paired perfectly with an event that may (or may not) have inspired her new song 'Painkiller'.

1: Red Dress Sangria

Girls night in? No problem! I'll slice up an orange or two and fill this glass drink dispenser I found at an op shop a few years ago with ice and mint. Then I'll pour in the majority of a bottom shelf red wine bottle (I like a Cab Sav for sangria), half cup of Contreauru because I like the citrus flavour, half cup of juice and half cup of a mixer.

I believe the key to a good sangria is equal parts lemonade and ginger ale as the mixer and equal parts orange and apple as the juice because it balances the sweetness. Serving suggestion: pair with PJs, pizza and board games.

2: The Sleight-of-Hand Shimmer

To be totally transparent, this my go-to cocktail when I want to show off. It's a little niche but a delicious gin cocktail; and I usually get to say something like "Oh my god, you've never tried shiraz gin before? Honey, you haven't lived yet!"

Served in a short tumbler glass, I pour 30mL of Four Pillars Shiraz Gin over ice and top up with Fever Tree Extra Dry Ginger Ale. If it's in the pantry, I'll garnish with some cloves and a short stick of rosemary. Serving suggestion: live music, specifically on a grand piano.

3: Thank God for Espresso Martinis

For two, pour 60mL of vodka, 60mL of Kahlua, 30mL of Frangelico because we love the hazelnut flavour, 60mL of freshly brewed coffee, 30mL of maple syrup (because who just has simple syrup lying around), 1 egg white into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.

I won't bother with martini glasses for this because they're messy and when I'm making espresso martinis I'm usually looking for a pick me up. So I'll throw 'em in a few coffee cups with saucers because I'm not totally barbaric and the girls and I will down 'em while doing our HAMU for a night on the town. Serving suggestion: 'Bejeweled' by Taylor Swift.

4: Night's End Negroni

When I'm in the need of a nightcap, I look no further than the negroni. A classic negroni is equal parts Campari, gin and sweet red vermouth with a slice of orange in a short tumbler glass.

My Night's End Negroni uses the Four Pillars Shiraz Gin again, because I'm obsessed and you should send help. Serving suggestion: classic LBD, Frank Sinatra and brooding look on your face.

5: Painkiller Aperol Spritzer

Three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol and one part soda water in a thin-lipped wine glass with ice and an orange slice has never failed to wither bitter pain away, away, away.

Although I know some people aren't a fan of Aperol, so perhaps a Painkiller Limoncello Spriter might appetise you; just replace the Aperol with Limoncello. Serving suggestion: consume within close proximity to a large body of water.

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