5 Must-Have Alternative Tracks For A Date Night

Bad Party
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Last month Brisbane metalcore outfit Bad Party shared their moody, arena-ready alternative metal song 'Drown In You'.

It's their second tune of the year and was produced, mixed and mastered by Callan Orr at Avalanche Studios (Dream On Dreamer, Bad Juju, alt.). 'Drown In You' carries sultry undertones, following on from their February single 'Pray', leaning into dark, synthy soundscapes and seductive lyricism.

The fiery new single is about being enamoured by a person, so much so that a sense of self is lost. "'Drown In You' is about a love bordering on addiction," explains the band, "causing you to forget all about who you are and your own well-being.

"This song is ultimately romanticising the gravity of affection, while gradually succumbing to the danger of its depths."

'Drown In You' comes paired with a dark gothic-style music video directed and edited by Colin Jeffs at Tens of Swords Media.

We asked Bad Party to curate a top 5 list of must-have alternative tracks for a date night playlist, and the band delivered!

Bad Omens - 'Death Of Peace Of Mind'

Setting a walking pace from the get-go to get you lost in thought, or to give the evening a bit of rhythm, Noah knows how to capture the vibe.

This song is honest about the euphoric reflections on a relationship despite the conflicting thoughts of whether it's good for you – throw caution to the wind and enjoy the experience.

Sleep Token - 'Granite'

Mmm, Vessel. We like the tone this one sets, and the way it builds to a powerful but sensual climax. The sub-bass mixed with Vessel's vocals gives off a radiant allure that absolutely sets the mood on a date night.

The lyrics further accentuate the transience of even the deepest and most intimate relationships, and we feel like that's truly relevant in this current era.

Thornhill - 'Raw'

This one is a little more upbeat for a bit of a variety, but the lyrics and tones of the music all lend themselves to portraying a very physical and visceral story of affection and intimacy, in a way more energetic way than the others by comparison.

Following the obsessive theme, the man really says "I want you" enough to last a lifetime within four minutes.

Corpse - 'E-Girls Are Ruining My Life'

Alright this one's a bit of fun; if you put this on for a first date you're either getting on real well or it's probably the end of the night for you. We just love the way Corpse, in his gritty fry voice, speaks to us: "Choke me like you hate me, but you love me."

Bad Party - 'Drown In You'

A story of obsession and questioning the strongest feelings for someone as being mistaken for addiction rather than genuine love. Overall the song sets a slow, but driving pace as Dale's voice navigates the mysterious verses and soars above the choruses. He describes this song in his own words as: "Haha, horny!"

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