5 Favourite Adult Beverages With Jade Holland

Jade Holland is a country-pop singer-songwriter from Australia.
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Recently returning to her home town Mareeba, in rural Far North Queensland, to perform live for the first time in ten years (at Savannah In The Round), country-pop artist Jade Holland's newest single is an ode to life growing up in a bush town.

Titled 'Home Town' (of course!), the song came about when Savannah In The Round organisers asked Jade if she could pen a theme song for the festival.

Delighted to do so, the lyrics of 'Home Town' find Holland recalling both happy and tragic memories of her youth growing up in the Far North Queensland hinterland.

"I grew up on a beautiful five-acre property in the bush. I have often channelled my formative years when writing songs," Jade says.

"Mareeba was and is a magical place. We thought we were the coolest kids on the block hanging out at centre parking in Main Street. We would sit there for hours planning our lives."

With a number of regional shows upcoming this summer, here Jade shares five of her favourite adult beverages, consumed responsible of course.

1: Old Fashioned

I love this drink! It reminds me of Nashville. The simplicity of this drink allows the spirits to really shine. It's an easy marriage of whiskey, sugar and bitters. What more could you ask for?

2: Espresso Martini

This is my go-to drink when I need a quick hit of greatest. If an Irish coffee is your thing. . . Then you will love this. These are dangerously drinkable, nice little caffeine hit, sugar hit! Epic.

3: Margarita

You know it's going to be a good time when you start with a margarita. If it's a hot summer's day and you need something refreshing to take the edge off then this is your drink.

4: Eggnog (debatable cocktail)

This is the ultimate winter classic; well winter in America haha; this may be too hot to drink in Australia at Xmas. Everything about this cocktail smells, feels, tastes like CHRISTMAS! Best time of the year.

5: Breakfast Of Champions - Mimosa

Think of it like this, it's Sunday about 11am, you've got friends coming over for brunch, what's the most refreshing way to welcome your guests? Mimosas!

Jade Holland 2023-2024 Tour Dates

Sun 26 Nov - The Gem Hotel (Gold Coast)
Sat 2 Dec - Australian Hotel Motel (St George)
Sat 16 Dec - Tatts Hotel (Toowoomba)
Fri 26 Jan - West Tamworth League Club (Tamworth)

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