5 Amazing Things About Medical Cannabis You'll Learn About At 2022 Australian Cannabis Summit

The free online 2022 Australian Cannabis Summit runs 28-29 October.
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The fourth annual Australian Cannabis Summit (28-29 October) will spotlight breaking the stigma of medical cannabis consumption.

The online summit is free to anyone interested in the Australian cannabis industry and the benefits of medicinal cannabis, and has been attended in past years by thousands of people from over 70 countries – from medical and business professionals to patients and caregivers.

The 2022 speakers include Senator David Shoebridge of the Australian Greens Party, Jason Gann aka 'Wilfred the TV Dog' who is now CEO of Wilfred Cannabis Co, Michael Balderstone (President, Nimbin Hemp Embassy), Dr Dev Banerjee (sleep & cannabinoid physician, Lullaby Sleep), Dr David Bearman (pain medicine specialist for over 50 years), Dr Jim Connell (medical officer, Heyday Clinic), Max Edgley (Head of Cultivation, Tasmanian Botanics), Dr Mark Hardy (Medical Director, CA Clinics), Dr Orit Holtzman (Chief Medical Officer, Compass Lifestyle Clinics), Nathaniel Jones (Production Manager & Head Horticulturalist, Medcan Australia), Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin (Founder, Hemp Gallery Australia), Paul Mavor (pharmicist & CEO, Health House International), Dr Carrie Newbold (clinical R&D, Kensana Health), Dr Kylie O'Brien (Chief Scientive Officer, Releaf Group), Lexi O'Dea (pharmacist & Head of Medical Strategy, Althea), Dr Rebecca Olivo (cannabis clinician, PlantMed), Simon Pettinger (COO, Cymra Life Sciences), Dr Jamie Rickord (Medical Director, Ananda Clinics), Emily Rigby (research scientist & cultivation consultant, Rigby Research), Dr Dustin Sulak (Founder, Integr8 Health & Healer.com), Jeffrey Tang (CEO, Hemp Australia Pty Ltd), Chloe Jean Teh (Director, PlantMed), and Dr John Teh (Medical Director, PlantMed).

"Another excellent year of cannabis education with a spotlight on the stigma surrounding medical cannabis use, the cannabis plant and public perceptions that hold people back from seeking or supporting medical cannabis treatment," Australian Cannabis Summit organiser Chloe Jean Teh says.

Here, Chloe share 5 amazing things about medical cannabis.

1: Internal Cannabis System

We have an internal cannabis system within our body. The endocannabinoid system is the naturally occurring system within our body, which uptakes and uses cannabis as medicine.

We also make our own endo (inside) cannabinoids constantly. They regulate our body and keep homeostasis (balance). As we age, our endocannabinoid system becomes less productive and can be brought up to speed again using external stimulation with cannabis medicines.

Everything with a spinal cord has an endocannabinoid system right down to the sea cucumber, meaning we can all use cannabis as medicine.

2: Cannabis Medications Are Natural & Safe

Cannabis medicines are safe with a very high safety profile and no risk of overdose. There are cannabinoid receptors located right throughout our body except in the area of the brain that controls breathing, which means there is no chance of respiratory depression or death.

All cannabis medication come from the cannabis plant itself, making a great natural alternative to many synthetic medications.

Chloe Jean Teh John Teh 2020
Chloe Jean Teh & Dr John Teh

3: Pain Management

Cannabis medicines change the way your brain perceives pain. Cannabis is highly effective in managing chronic, long-term pain conditions as cannabis medications change the way the brain perceives the pain signal. Cannabis also 'turns down' chronic pain signals in the spinal cord.

Chronic pain management is one of the largest approval categories for patients Australia wide. Cannabis medications give the ability for pain management and very little side effects from use.

If properly integrated into a treatment schedule, cannabis medication can give long-term pain management, with the ability to lower or remove conventional pain medications and relieve long-term side effects of conventional medications.

4: Cannabis Medications Assist With Anxiety

Cannabis medications assist with anxiety by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, our system that is responsible for relaxing the body after periods of stress or danger.

5: Cannabis Medications Target Insomnia & Sleep Issues Naturally

Cannabis medications are effective in targeting both sleep initiation and the ability to stay asleep and reach REM or deep sleep. Cannabis medications are effective in targeting sleep, and cannabis natural medications will have you waking fresh and alert.

Want to know more? Learn for free from Australia's leading cannabis doctors and cannabis industry as part of the free online Australian Cannabis Summit, which runs 28-29 October.

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