15 Slapped with $1600 Fines For Party In Melbourne

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Update - 9 July, 2020: The 15 people fined have had those fines withdrawn by Victorian Police after a standard review process found they had not broken any social distancing rules.

The Airbnb apartment the 15 were staying at was ruled as a private holiday rental, where restrictions in place last weekend allowed for 20 people to gather for an overnight stay.

Stage three restrictions were reintroduced in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire as of midnight last night. Those who ignore the restrictions face infringements of up to $1,652.

Melbourne police have dished out 15 fines at $1,652 a-piece for breaching social distancing rules.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the Southbank party breached social distancing rules. "We issued every one of them infringements because they just can't do it," he said. "Some people are still not listening and if the only way we can get through to them to listen and to adhere to the directions is through us giving out significant fines, that's what we'll do."

Victoria Police Minister Lisa Neville is encouraging Melburnians to dob in people breaking the rules. "Our police assistance line has gone from 60 or 70 calls a day during May period to 810 calls yesterday," she said. "That line is available and please use that if you are aware of people obviously breaching these restrictions."



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