Witness HER – Australia’s First Naked Fashion Show By Women For Women

Witness HER – Image © Fernanda Faustino
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A group of everyday women will be invited to strip bare and put on a naked fashion show for each other – to parade the ultimate fashion statement that all bodies are beautiful.

Witness HER will begin with a curated three-hour body confidence workshop, which gently prepares participants for the final reveal. It’s a chance for women to share stories, shed body shame, celebrate each other and see themselves in a new light.

It’s an era where women’s insecurities are amplified by social media and the beauty industry – so Witness HER is a rebellious act of self-love. It suggests ‘herself is the most breathtaking thing a woman can wear’.

Witness Her Fernanda Faustino 1
Image © Fernanda Faustino

Caitlin Erica is behind Witness HER. Caitlin is an embodiment coach, birth doula, former stripper, and creator of ‘Strip Her: The Pop-Up’: a strip show in a similar vein to Witness HER.

“I never would have had the confidence to do something like this before I travelled the world. I realised just how much body shaming is normalised here in Australia and I want us to change that for ourselves and future generations,” Caitlin says.

Witness Her Fernanda Faustino 3
Image © Fernanda Faustino

“Everyone deserves to feel at home in their body and witnessing a woman comfortable in her skin, unlocks a permission in others to do the same.”

This opportunity is open to all women, and the naked fashion show is closed to those who participate in the workshop.

Tickets are on sale now.

Witness HER takes place on 10 September at Cloud Nine Studio (Sydney).

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