Tiff Manuell: Handmade And Drenched In Colour

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Tiff Manuell Tiff Manuell

Tiff Manuell is an Australia arthouse fashion label looking to shake things up in the industry with their range of handmade bags and accessories.

The design brand, based out of Adelaide and named after founder Tiff Manuell, works using the process of hand painting canvas with bright colours and patterns, cutting and placing inside a PVC outer, then sewing and adding trims to finish. This process ensures no two pieces are the same.

Tiff Manuell1The high quality, limited production and individual nature of Tiff's products appeals to the person who leans toward art and design-based pieces.

Tiff Manuell4Tiff figures our disposition changes often and nothing stays the same for too long. She paints a canvas based on how she is feeling and manages to make either a small or large handful of products.


A photo posted by Tiff Manuell (@happytiff) on


A photo posted by Tiff Manuell (@happytiff) on

Her personal goal is for the pieces to be fresh and fun and to make your heart sing, because that’s what colour does for her. Tiff works with a wide array of soft and strong colours, finding each customer will be drawn to a different aesthetic. She is inspired everyday by all sorts of things but she can never precisely tell what it is. This is perfect for the shopper looking for unabashed creativity.

Tiff Manuell5Tiff herself is a mum of two who has experience in the design world. Along with her husband, they built Happy House, which can now comfortably call itself an international brand, selling their wares worldwide. However, she was looking for a small window away commercial design. 

Tiff Manuell3So in her spare time, one day a week, she began to build the company which now operates under her name. Now she has two design assistants helping her keep up with demand. 

Tiff ManuellDrawing crowds to their social media account with Tiff's bold and conspicuous prints, the extensive range includes tights, clutches, laptop bags, earrings, neck pieces, keyrings, and more.

Tiff Manuell2Let Tiff Manuell paint your life with colour.



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