Sustainable Fashion Brand A.BCH Relaunches Its Ethical Customisation Service

A.BCH 'Life'
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Melbourne sustainable fashion brand A.BCH, launched in 2017, is relaunching its customisation service which allows customers to purchase ethically-produced garments made to measure in the hopes they will buy clothes they love and will wear longer.

The campaign, entitled ‘Life’, educates customers on how to carefully select clothing to build a more sustainable wardrobe with a prolonged lifespan. It’s the second of A.BCH’s three year-round ‘seasons’, also including ‘Birth’ and ‘Afterlife’. They’re designed to reflect the lifecycle of garments, while also showing people how to buy, wear and discard clothing sustainably.

“We first launched our customisation service because we believe that if people buy garments that are made especially to fit them, they are more likely to cherish them and wear them over and over again,” A.BCH Founder Courtney Holm says. “That’s the best kind of sustainable fashion, so it’s no surprise that our customisation service has a cult following with select repeat customers.”

ABCH Life3

“We find that a lot of people think that customisations are overly expensive, need to be elaborate, take too long to make or must be done in person. We’re here to debunk all of those myths.

“We’re making them accessible from a price-point and turnaround time perspective, but also, like our entire range, the garments are ethically produced by our team in Melbourne.”

ABCH Life2

Customers select size ‘C’ (customisation) on the A.BCH online store, then complete the checkout process, as normal. The A.BCH team will then contact them to determine any customisation needs and maybe even a Zoom fitting.

As part of the ‘Life’ campaign, A.BCH will release a selection of new garments for its evergreen collection. These include unisex, organic navy linen shorts and trousers.

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