It’s Spooky Season – BlackMilk’s Halloween Collection Is Here

BlackMilk's Halloween collection
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The ‘Ghoul’s Night In’ lookbook from BlackMilk Clothing is a playful parody of horror movie tropes, celebrating Halloween 2021.

The collection includes pieces inspired by Warner Bros. cult favourites like ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Corpse Bride’. The lookbook tells the story of three best friends spending the night at a spooky sleepover, only to fall into a number of cliched traps as they’re pursued by an unknown killer.

BlackMilkHalloween 3

‘Ghoul’s Night In’ features more than 55 prints and a bunch of stand-out designer pieces, including a bright purple, faux fur jacket. There are motifs like cats, bats, skeletons, scarecrows, ghosts and ‘braaains’. . . An original BlackMilk print made famous by Katy Perry in 2013.

BlackMilkHalloween 2

Fans can channel their inner ‘ghost with the most’ via a blazer and matching pants inspired by the titular character of ‘Beetlejuice’, visit the Land Of The Dead with artworks and characters from ‘Corpse Bride’, and return to Crystal Camp Lake with ‘Friday The 13th’ gear.

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The collection is available now.

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