BlackMilk Clothing Adds Avatar To Its List Of Unique Licensed Collaborations

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Avatar x BlackMilk Avatar x BlackMilk

Fans of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘The Legend Of Korra’ will be able to show their love for the shows through BlackMilk Clothing’s latest collection.

The company are known for their unique, licensed collaboration, and this one will be no exception. They’re working with Nickelodeon for the first time, bringing the ‘Avatar’ stories to life on a huge variety of styles, including dresses, leggings, overalls, jackets, accessories and unisex pieces.



It’s a 43-piece collection. Stand-out styles include overalls featuring beloved sky bison Appa, with a unique bison horn details on the straps, glow-in-the-darktees and uniquely-shaped hoodies, featuring each of the Avatar world’s elemental tribes.

There are also designer pieces, made with specially created flocked, burned velvet and foil fabrics featuring element motifs – these are perfect for those wanting a more subtle nod to the series.



Avatar x BlackMilk is available on 31 May. Check out the website now for the collection lookbook.



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