PETA's Graphic Fur Fashion Ad Rejected By Billboard Company

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A billboard company has rejected a PETA ad campaign. A billboard company has rejected a PETA ad campaign.

Trigger Warning: Blood/Gore

An advertisement originally set to appear across three Melbourne billboard sites has been rejected for being "too graphic".

Out Of Home (Ooh!) Media rejected the ad based on the fact that it failed to meet the standards of the Australian Association Of National Advertisers' Code Of Ethics.

PETA’s goal includes challenging consumers to be concerned about how their fashion materials are sourced.

The campaign was supposed to run at three separate sites in Collingwood, Fitzroy and St Kilda. It condemns the practice of mulesing (the removal of wool-bearing skin from the backside of a sheep) accompanied by a visual that is hard to unsee.

PETA Ad 2020

"This isn’t about [the billboard company], with whom we enjoy a good working relationship," PETA tells AdNews in a statement, "it's about the fact that, all too often, images and video footage of routine, legal practises within the wool and other animal abusing industries, are deemed 'too graphic’ to be shared with the public."

"As Paul McCartney said, 'if slaughterhouses had glass wall, everyone would be vegetarian' and if people could see the cruel practices stitched into every wool garment, they'd also likely banish wool from their wardrobes.

"Mulesing is a bloody business, and that's what needs to be banned, not the campaigns to expose it."

PETA believes that it's only fair for us to witness the procedure if we buy wool products.

"If this image is too painful to look at, you can imagine how it must feel to have it done to you," PETA spokesperson Emily Rice tells AdNews.

"We won't celebrate until this horrific practice is banned for good."



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