Willam Returns To Australia For Comedy Queens

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Dust off your crowns and practise your curtsy because ‘Comedy Queens’ is returning to Australia for four hilarious nights only.

This year’s extravaganza features an international line-up of performers, including famous faces from YouTube and 'RuPaul's Drag Race'; as well as a host of local talent.

We donned our regal attire and sat down with Her Royal Highness Willam to chat about her role in the upcoming show.

According to the show's website, 'Comedy Queens' brings together “the world’s best comedy queens”. This is quite an impressive accolade, how does it feel to be considered among the best?
I’m just happy to be working. But hey. Where did all the Pie Faces go? They were everywhere and now no where...

Do you have a favourite cast mate?
I get along with everybody but especially enjoy the ugly girls cuz I look cuter in photos when I stand near them. They know which ones they are, too.

This year, 'Comedy Queens' also features a handful of local talent, how important is it for drag shows to embrace local talent?
Drag is cool. If you’re good, people notice. Congrats to the bogan bitches. I love Karen [From Finance]. Worked with her a bunch. I think this is my 11th time coming to Australia.

How would you describe your humour?
Crass, blunt, and incendiary.

How would you describe your style? Are you influenced by any particular fashion icons?
I’d say my style is eclectic. I like elevated basics. Slap a rhinestone and some fringe on it and anything can be fun. I like what Pat Fields did for years on 'Sex & The City' and I still buy from her every season. She is my biggest influence.

You are an author, actor, comedian and business woman - is there anything else you’d love to add to your repertoire?
I just added podcaster to it. 'Race Chaser' with Alaska just hit a year. We recap every episode of 'Drag Race', kiki and and cling to relevance. Oh and another shoot the sh.t podcast called 'Hot Goss', also with the inimitable Alaska Thunderf....

Will you be taking part in the meet and greet sessions offered to premium ticket holders? What is your favourite part about meet and greets?
I like meeting the nice teen Trixie girls' dads, giving them a good up and down, maybe a wink, and letting them know I’m down.

If you could have dinner with any three queens (living or dead) who would you choose and where would you eat?
Divine, Sylvester, and Gaga... And since this is a complete fantasy we’d eat Quaaludes.

Why should people buy tickets to 'Comedy Queens'?
I plan on blowing one guy a night as part of a special package. Proof of purchase is necessary, cuz how am I gonna wanna blow you if you’re not at the show.

Click here for ticket infomation about 'Comedy Queens'.

'Comedy Queens' Tour Dates

22 August – Norwood Concert Hall (Adelaide)
23 August – 170 Russell (Melbourne)
24 August – The Roundhouse (Sydney)
25 August – Family (Brisbane)



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