Urzila Carlson Reckons You're A Loser

Urzila Carlson
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A seasoned all-rounder music writer and storyteller with a specialised interest in the history of rock.

The New Zealand comedian wants to change your mind about body image with her new show 'Loser'.

In 'Loser', Urzila is reviewing the negative connotation that is almost always attached to the word 'loser'.

“Everything is negative around the word 'loser'... It's always negative,” Urzila states.

“I think we need to shift it because you know even that show 'The Biggest Loser', it's all about fat people. That's the only time [loser] is positive, when you lose something and if you lose part of yourself, which I don't understand.

“How come we're celebrating the fact we're getting smaller? If I had to redo that show I could come up with a bigger loser than a fatty; like, to me the biggest losers are those people who you give a gap to in traffic and they don't say 'thanks'. They're losers, not fat people. I'm just trying to shift the view of it.”

In trying to shift the view on the word 'loser', Urzila is part of the movement towards creating healthier attitudes towards body image as well as how we treat one another in general.

“Because we live in a society now where bullying is not only big, it's almost expected,” she says.

“You know 100 per cent that if you want to read some horrible burns, you just need to read the comment section of any newspaper anywhere and there will be some amazing burns on people, and that's what we call it – we call it burns. We don't call it bullying, which is 100 per cent what it is.”

Urzila is quickly becoming a favourite in Australia on comedy stages, due in no small part to her regular features on 'Have You Been Paying Attention' ('HYBPA') and 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem' where she induces barrages of laughter for her quick-witted responses.

When asked if being on these shows with other comedians creates pressure to be funny on-the-spot, Urzila says it all comes down to cultivating a natural and friendly rapport with her fellow panellists.

“Some panel shows you watch and go 'I don't know why but I just don't like it'; you can't put your finger on it. Whereas with that show ['HYBPA'], and it's the same with 'Hughesy, We Have A Problem', the people get on really well on the show and I think you can tell.

“It's almost like being at a barbecue with your mates and we're all just bouncing off each other and chatting, and it's real casual. The best things about those shows, especially 'Have You Been Paying Attention', is the natural [way we] bounce off each other. Because we know each other well and get on really well, there's no pressure.”

A prized performer at home and abroad, Urzila is making fast, easy strides towards total comedy domination.  

“Every year I say it can't get bigger than this, surely not, but every year it does; it just gets bigger and bigger,” Urzila muses.

“I'm still surprised every time I walk out on stage and there's an audience; I almost want to go 'why are you guys here, how did you hear about me?'”

Urzila Carlson Tour Dates

28 Mar-20 Apr – Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
14-16 May – QPAC Concert Hall (Brisbane)
17 May – Entertainment & Convention Centre (Townsville)
18 May – Canberra Theatre
22 May – Princess Theatre (Launceston)
23 May – Wrest Point Casino (Hobart)
1 Jun – AEC Theatre (Adelaide)
6-7 Jun – Crown Theatre (Perth)
14 Jun – Civic Theatre (Newcastle)
15-16, 19 Jun – Sydney Opera House

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