Two Little Dickheads Are Playing Shows In Australia In The Dick Of Time

Two Little Dickheads Two Little Dickheads

What happens when a cabaret clown and an improv master, with a shared passion for cats, spend way too much time together? You end up with Two Little Dickheads.

Comprised of the inseparable, pyjama-wearing Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck, Two Little Dickheads brings together clowning, sketch, cabaret, improv and very silly magic with decidedly stupid dance routines.

Two Little Dickheads this year present their new show 'KAPOW!'.

“The world has blown up, kapow!” the pair explain about the show.

“But don’t fear, a new world has emerged – a better world, and when you enter this world things are going to get really, really stupid. It’s your Dicktopian future. Songs included at no extra cost. We're looking forward to welcoming more people into our joyful dickhead cult. It’s nice here. We dick about.”

Sharnema is a Prague Fringe Award-winner and a devoted clown from before it was cool – spawned from the loins of Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Award recipient Phil Burgers (Dr Brown). She is also an official member of the very sparkly and much-lauded Fringe Wives Club.


David was a mainstay of the Los Angeles improv scene for five years with Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City. He has published three books and is a regular contributor of humour features for Melbourne newspaper The Herald Sun, including an article calling for a knighthood for Shane Warne.

Sharnema and David were first inspired to be performing artists when they saw a picture of Steve Martin on the beach and they thought, 'wow, we love the beach'. The past ten years have seen the pair perform and study in Australia and around the world, including tutelage under noted French clown master Philippe Gaulier.

As for what audiences can expect from 'KAPOW!', the answer from Two Little Dickheads is as absurd as their performance.

“Big silly joy grins plastered on your face fronts,” they exclaim.

“Memories of a steamy tent full of Cat Deities, angry hamburgers and two little dickheads dripping in sexual tension.”

'KAPOW!' is on at The Piglet At Gluttony – Rymill Park 10-15 March (Adelaide Fringe) and BOB 25 March-19 April (Melbourne International Comedy Festival).



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