Titus O'Reily Might Have A Breakdown

Titus O'Reily Titus O'Reily

There's no time like the present to reflect on a lifetime of obsessing about sports. At least, that's what Titus O'Reily will be doing at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

His show 'Reflections Of A Sporting Tragic' is Titus' third outing at the Festival, and Titus says it's well-suited to Victorians because of their die-hard passion and love of the game.

Come for some laughs and a bit of sports banter, and don't go anywhere, because Titus might just have a breakdown on stage and that can only be engaging content.

Here, we ask Titus some questions. . . Before he hits the stage for his show at the Festival.

Sum up your career in the sports/entertainment industry in one sentence.

Give us the first thing that comes to your mind when you think 'most memorable career highlight to date'.
Performing before an AFL final that my team, Melbourne went on to win. It was the happiest night of my life. It was the only happy night of my life.

What is it about sport that you love so much?
I like living vicariously through others. A man of my limited abilities has to.

What's your favourite sport, and why?
Australian Rules football is my favourite, and I think it’s due to me being indoctrinated in it since birth.

Why do you think your show is a good fit for Melbourne International Comedy Festival?
This is my third Festival and I think people enjoy laughing about sport due to everyone in Victoria spending 90 per cent of their lives thinking about it.

And what are you looking forward to about presenting your material there?
It’s just going to be great to be back on stage after last year’s rather disappointing year. When I spoke at people for an hour over Zoom, they just muted me.

What can audiences expect to see in 'Reflections Of A Sporting Tragic'?
A man reflecting on his passion for sport and wondering aloud if it’s all been for nothing, then suffering a minor breakdown.

Titus O'Reily plays The Leadbeater Hotel (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 28 March-18 April.



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