Titus O'Reily Gets His Audiences On The Path To Better Living Through Sport

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Titus O'Reily Titus O'Reily

He's a sports satirist, he's a shimmering social media star, he's Titus O'Reily.

Titus just wants to help those he meets throughout his life. With this in mind, the star has hit the road for his 'Better Living Through Sport' tour, a tour which promises to 'make you rich, healthier and ridiculously good looking', and who doesn't want any or all of those qualities?

Don't worry – they're not out of reach. All you need to do is follow Titus's simple 147-step plan to improve your life, and attending his live show is sure to get you well on your way.

Titus has taken some time out of his touring schedule to answer some questions about 'Better Living Through Sport'.

When did you figure out you had a talent in the world of comedy, and more specifically, sports satire?
By complete accident. I just started a Twitter account one day and it took off, although many would dispute I have a talent.

What's your favourite thing about blending comedy with sport?
The alcohol. Both comedians and footballers drink heavily. Mine won’t be a long life but it will be a fun one.

And why do you think it works so well?
Sport is the ultimate combination of pointlessness and seriousness. Deep down we know it doesn’t really mean anything if one team wins or not, but we care about it anyway like it’s the most serious thing in the world.

You say this show will make us rich, healthier, and ridiculously good looking… How?!
Lying on the couch watching sport hasn’t just given me type two diabetes, it’s given me insights into the great secrets of life.

You've got quite an engaged social media following. Why do you think this is?
Like me, there are millions of Australians who just want to talk nonsense about sport. The rest of the world is on fire, who wants to focus on that?

Have you ever considered streamlining your plan down from a smaller number than 147 steps?
I have but it seemed like a lot of work. Plus, like Scientology, I just keep adding more steps to keep people engaged.

Tell us a bit about your third book, set for release in November.
It’s called ‘Please Gamble Irresponsibly’ and it’s a history of sports gambling in Australia. It tells the story of how we’ve gone from it being banned everywhere, to it now being on your phone and TV 24/7.

In an ideal world, what is your average audience member leaving 'Better Living Through Sport' thinking and feeling?
'That was not the waste of money I thought it would be.'

Tickets are on sale now.

Better Living Through Sport Tour Dates

30 August – Comedy Store (Sydney)
31 August – Octagon Theatre (Perth)
12 October – Jokers Comedy Club (Hobart)
19 October – Sit Down Comedy Club (Brisbane)


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