Tim Ferguson Will Be Smashing Life At 2021's Adelaide Fringe

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Tim Ferguson is coming back to blow the roof off yet another Adelaide Fringe this March.

Tim was hailed the winner of Best Male Solo at in 2018 and came back in 2019 for 'A Fast Life On Wheels'. His new show 'Smashing Life (Motivation For Idiots!)' is sure to entertain audiences after a year of pandemic-driven discombobulation.

Tim's new show is a battle of guts, wits and willpower, as Tim shows you how to get motivated without really even trying.

How does a guy battling MS make movies, teach thousands, tour non-stop? Tim's got the answers and 'amazing' solutions to all your problems.

He's wheelchair-bound due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and it's getting worse.

"But I like beating obstacles," Tim says. "The ‘insurmountable’ ones are my favourite."

On top of live shows, movies, masterclasses and art exhibitions, Tim works to help improve the lives of people with disabilities, focusing on employment and accommodation.

"Tim is a legendary comedian," 'Smashing Life' Director, Marc Gracie says. "But more importantly, he is a legendary human being."

Tim Ferguson plays Gluttony – The Virago (Adelaide Fringe) 9-21 March.



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