The Travelling Sisters Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018

The Travelling Sisters
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The Travelling Sisters have rolled into town, leaving their mark on the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

In their new show entitled ‘Toupé’, the trio – made up of Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs – performed a range of skits that included physical comedy, clowning, impersonations, original music and re-enactments.

Having met and formed in University, the gallivanting group have since gone on to conquer comedy festivals around the world. With their unique style and quirky flair, ‘Toupé’ proves to be no different from their norm – it’s unadulterated and out-of-this-world and it encourages audiences to let go just as the sisters do.

Unlike other stand-ups, The Travelling Sisters are idiosyncratic and ridiculous. They tread a fine line between the absurd and the profound to deliver humour that is silly and a bit of fun.

The act featured clever scene changes that allowed the girls to transform into new characters right before your eyes. Baring almost all, their skits are full of puns and the type of comedic styling’s you’d find out of a joke book you read in school.

They danced ridiculously, interacted with the audience and fully committed to their characters. With perfect comedic timing, engaging facial expressions and complete performance physicality, there’s just something you have to love about them.

They have an ability to leave one speechless (when trying to describe what they just saw) as the trio’s sketch comedy is utterly insane.

For audiences, it can be either hit or miss. Basically, if you’re not on board the sister bus from the start, than you’ll easily be left behind on this road trip.

At one point, the crowd looked on as one of the actors impersonated a cactus looking for love. With humour so succulent, her performance was superbly captivating. You had no choice but to laugh, otherwise you’d be the only one in a room of many not having a great time.

Another highlight of the evening was the trio’s surreal interpretation of the theft of Edvard Munch’s infamous painting ‘The Scream’. With over-the-top humour, it was hysterical, entertaining and demonstrated a great skillset from the collective.

The Travelling Sisters find humour in silliness. Yes, there are a lot of things that are straight up bizarre, but if you’re prepared for that you’ll have a great time.

‘Toupé’ is open-minded and establishes a type of comedy we haven’t seen in a very long time.

The Travelling Sisters play Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne Comedy Festival) from 29 March-22 April and Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival) 28-29 April.

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