The Top 5 Weddings Daniel Connell Has Been To

Daniel Connell
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The ideal Aussie comedian, Daniel Connell, returns.

He's got a new show, ‘Little Aussie Battler’, and you're not going to want to miss it. In fact, it'll probably be a pretty good night out – one that you'll talk about at work the next day. . . Before you're pulled aside and told to stay focused.

Daniel moved to Melbourne in 2010, driven to further his career in stand-up. It worked, and he has performed a brand-new hour at twelve Melbourne International Comedy Festivals (MICF) since – and they’ve all seen every major Australian festival too.

In 2024, Daniel will regale his beloved MICF crowds with tales about yucky couples, Kinky Jerry and Cody from Footlocker. You're going to have to secure tickets if you'd like to know more.

In the meantime, not all couples are yucky. Some put on really nice weddings. In the spirit of this, Daniel has listed the top five weddings he's ever been to.


James & Lauren's.This one was very good, probably the fanciest wedding I've been too. They had bloody scallops as the entree, say no more.


Chris & Tiff's. This was Chris' first marriage, one he thought would last forever, not me. Lasted about two years, the wedding had a great band though.


Brendan & Denise's. This was at a bowls club, so that won me over right away. Food was ordinary, but I was bowling quite well, so I had a good time.


Chris & Fiona's. Chris's second wedding, geez there was some tension in the air. But credit where credit's due, they're still together. Roast beef was on point.


My own wedding. Good day with friends and fam at a farm in the middle of nowhere. Made about seven grand in the wishing well, so easily my favourite wedding.

Daniel Connell plays Rydges One 28 March-7 April and 9-21 April, and Melbourne Town Hall 8 April (Melbourne International Comedy Festival).

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