The Naked Magicians Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2021

'The Naked Magicians' 'The Naked Magicians'

Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are exceptional entertainers – there's no two ways about it.

'The Naked Magicians' have come leaps and bounds since their Brisbane debut in 2014, and one night with these two cheeky showmen is enough to see why.

The concept of magicians sporting little to no clothing feels like it surely must've been a thing before Chris and Mike graced our stages, and yet it's them that began the phenomenon, which has now been seen by eyes in 300 cities around the world.

This is an excellent show. Pure entertainment, and with a sold-out audience of attendees ready for a good time, it's a cocktail for a night that won't soon be forgotten.

The elements are all there – and they all collide on stage while Chris and Mike weave their way through stand-up bits, visual gags, audience banter and stories, and this might be a controversial opinion (and by no means should be taken by the guys as a suggestion!) but these two could have presented just as equally an enthralling production without removing any clothes at all. But then there's no edge, and they're just 'The Magicians'. I'm pretty sure that post has been filled by one or two people before. . . But hey, it must be said that if one day Chris and Mike decide to retire the 'naked' thing, they'd absolutely still be able to captivate an audience with the power of their electrifying personalities.

On the topic of retiring, it does seem as though an end may be in sight for the duo, at least for now, with their Brisbane Comedy Festival performances at The Tivoli – the remaining three being very close to selling out – being pushed as their 'final' shows.

If you're expecting some mindblowing, out-of-this-world magic, that's not exactly what you'll find here. . . However! If you're expecting a night packed from beginning to end with laughs, the endearing and charming personalities of two brilliant performers, not many clothes, hilarious audience participation and a handful of gasp-worthy magic tricks, this is the show you're looking for.

Don't dawdle, Brisbane. There are evidently only a few chances left for you, and this is absolutely a show worth witnessing. So come quickly.


'The Naked Magicians' plays The Tivoli (Brisbane Comedy Festival) until 8 August.



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