Tahir Loves Stupidity And 'You Had One Job' Moments

  • Written by  Charlie Austin
  • Tuesday, 23 April 2019 15:54
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Tahir Tahir

Aussie comedian Tahir Bilgic confesses: “I'm always doing silly things; I'm actually getting more immature as I get older.”

Have you ever put the jug on to boil, came back assuming it had finished and poured it straight into your mug, only to look up and realise it was switched off at the wall, still cold, meaning you just wasted a perfectly good tea bag?

That's what is known as a 'you had one job' moment.

Australian comedian, actor and writer Tahir Bilgic talks all about these moments in his latest stand-up comedy show 'You Had One Job'.

When asked for the inspiration behind the name of his show, Tahir responds promptly: “I love stupidity, stupidity makes me laugh.”

He talks about the phrase itself and the meaning it has: “You can sort of apply it anywhere.” Tahir's show will discuss all things stupidity, like criminals making silly mistakes, song lyrics, humans messing up simple tasks and just males in general.

Tahir gives a strong example, as he talks about while he was writing the show: “A driver had to pick up a young boy, a two-year-old, from a day care and drop him off somewhere and he forgot the kid in the car, there was only one kid and he just locked the door and walked away. The story has a good ending, the kid survived, thank goodness but thats my point, the driver had one job!”

Tahir is well-known for his characters and involvement in Australian shows 'Here Come The Habibs', 'Housos', 'Swift And Shift', 'Fat Pizza' and 'Street Smart'. “I enjoy acting because it's creative, but the acting came with the comedy.” Live comedy and theatre is where his true passion lies: “I am humbled that audiences turn up and they listen to you!”

You may also recognise him from his recent stint on 'I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'. Tahir promises his performance will provide a bit of a run down on the show “I realise people were coming out and they wanted to hear a bit about the show, so [I] kind of added in a little bit of gossip about that one.”

As his chosen charity for 'I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!', Tahir chose Save Our Sons which is is a charity organisation raising funds and awareness to help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

Tahir says he’s been an ambassador for Save Our Sons for about ten years.

 “I’ve been with them for a long time it’s the personal journey of this one bloke, doesn’t get a lot of special attention, doesn't get a lot of funding from the government so [I was] just trying to create a bit of awareness.”

Tahir is heading to Sydney and Perth with his show. He's visited Perth a few times during his career and has noticed one thing in particular: “Everybody seems so fit there! Seems like people are always cycling, walking, running,” he says. He is excited for his trip back to Perth in May because of the good vibes, but also mentioned, “I’ll be watching what I’ll be eating because I want to fit in with the fit people!”

Tahir would like to highlight, “It’s a fairly clean show, which takes people by surprise because they've seen some of my TV shows, but I'm quite clean myself and different as a person, I used to be a former teacher… But you can bring your teenagers along.”

Tahir plays Astor Theatre on 3 May (Perth Comedy Festival) and Factory Theatre on 11-12 May (Sydney Comedy Festival).



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