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  • Saturday, 11 January 2020 16:24
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From one of the fastest-rising Australian comedians comes a brand-new show.

Perth-based Sean Conway is set to push boundaries, cross lines, touch topics that nobody else will, and tell tales of what can happen when you’re too funny for your own good, all in ‘100%’.

But who is Sean Conway, according to Sean Conway? Well, if he had to describe his brand of comedy in six words, he’d use, “Goofy, dark, sexy, loose, edgy, unsexy!”

An interesting medley there, so what about Sean and the stories he shares means he can combine words like 'goofy' and 'sexy' in the same phrase?

“Most comedy at its core is goofy,” he explains, “but I try and use my edgy charm to make it seem more serious than it is, and put my own dark sexy creative spin on the art form.

“Sometimes it’s sexy as all hell and sometimes it’s just plain ol' fugly, and it mostly depends on how I wake up in the morning.”

Sean’s latest endeavour, ‘100%’, will soon make its Perth debut at Fringe World before the comic zips on over for the Adelaide Fringe and performs the show there, too. The numeric title has plenty of meaning, it transpires.

“It’s 100 per cent new material, it’s 100 per cent true, and 100 per cent of the profits will be donated to charity,” Sean says.

Complete donations of any fees made from a comedy show isn’t something you hear of very often, particularly from an up-and-coming performer, and Sean doesn’t seem to think any of his peers will think he’s shooting himself in the foot. In fact, even though he says he’s taking a gamble, the response to the show’s mission objective has been very positive. “Hopefully they [his peers] react by buying me a few rounds at the bar!”

“My goal with this show is to help audiences get the most bang for their buck. So, they’re not only seeing a talented emerging comedian but also helping their community at the same time; two birds, one stone.”

Despite being comfortable thus far performing in his hometown, Sean isn’t worried about having to think on his feet to entertain a different kind of demographic in Adelaide. “I mean it’s Adelaide Fringe, not Snowtown Fringe, so I’ll be the only one killing it at my show.”

“Adelaide is an amazing city for comedy with amazing comedy audiences. So, I’m pretty confident I can bring a barrel of laughs for the hot Adelaide crowds.”

As for the comedic content of the show, it’s been said that Sean can be warm but brutally honest, which only piques the eyes and ears of curiosity as to what you might expect from ‘100%’.

“This show is all about one of the hardest periods in my life,” Sean says frankly. “Dealing with my mum getting very sick, plus some light-hearted stuff like getting sued and being TKO in my first and only MMA fight.”

And as for all the money made from ‘100%’ going to charities, Sean has some in mind already. “I will be donating 100 per cent to Foodbank SA for Adelaide shows. The Perth show will be divided between Foodbank WA, WIRES, CFA VIC, and New South Wales Rural Fire Service.”

Sean Conway's '100%' plays The Basement at The Stables Bar from 17-23 January (Perth Fringe World) and Alley Cat at Rhino Room 3-7 March (Adelaide Fringe).



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