Sam Taunton Doesn't Know What The Name Of His Show Means

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  • Tuesday, 23 April 2019 16:47
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Sam Taunton tells all: “Yeah, I was always pretty funny.”

Sam Taunton has been described as one of the most exciting new voices in Australian comedy. Only kickstarting his career in 2015 after receiving the Triple J RAW Comedy National Finals’ ‘special mention’ award he has released a new show every year.

In 2019 Sam presents ‘Straight From The Shoulder’, his latest comedy show which has the same name as his dad's country music album of 1988.

“I'm like, at the bottom end of my creativity, I've got nothing left so I just named it what he named his, ‘Straight From The Shoulder’. I don’t even know what it means,” Sam confesses.

Sam says his dad played it cool when he told him the name, “He pretended he didn’t care but I could see it was a big deal for him,” he says.

Sam puts his love for comedy down to a need for social acceptance, “you might be at a dinner party or something and everyone is hanging on your every word and that feeling, you start craving that, because it feels so good.

“You're like, 'well how can I get more of this, how can I socially engineer to feel this way'... And the only way to do that is to do comedy,” he says.

Sam got into comedy after university, where he studied a Bachelor of Political Science and Media Studies at The University Of Wollongong or as he explains it, “just smoked bongs for four years, it was the biggest waste of time.”

Sam believes the university system is a trap for young people who don't know what they want to do in the world. “It’s like, if you pay this money you can just not make a decision for a long time. The whole thing's a joke,” Sam says.

Although his forte is comedy, Sam has dabbled in radio. But ultimately his passion is comedy.

“Stand-up is easily the best, like radio is in a sterile office building, whereas stand-up is a performance and it feels like it’s a show and you walk off, when it’s good and you get a bit of a high, it’s that nice warm feeling everyone craves.”

As a Sydney local, Sam is always excited to perform there. “I love Sydney, I love everything about Sydney,” he says.

However he isn't keen to do his stand-up in front of his friends after his first solo show in Sydney.

“There were like 40 people there and they were all people I knew and I had friends getting up to go do drugs in the toilet, they were getting up to go and do lines in the middle of my show,” Sam laughs.

Sam says his show is like a year in review. “Each year I try to talk about a bunch of stuff that has happened to me in the past year and my dad's album is kind of like a little template… A loose framework in which I talk about all this stuff that happened to me,” Sam explains.

Sam Taunton plays Factory Theatre 1-5 May.



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