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Rosie Waterland was born into a world few can say they were born into.

Her parents were on the run from drug dealers, and her childhood was spent, for the most part, learning how to shape-shift, adapt and course-correct based on whatever scenarios she'd happen to find herself in.

Things really kicked off for Rosie when her hilarious recaps of 'The Bachelor' gained traction and became 'essential pop culture reading' back in 2014 – because we all love trash TV.

But since then, she's travelled the country using her voice to tell her own stories in the form of books, podcasts and live shows, with anecdotes about the best and worst parts of growing up the way she did.

We had a chat to Rosie before her show 'Kid Chameleon'.

You have had quite a colourful life. For those unfamiliar, sum up your childhood experiences in a few sentences. . . If you can!
'Colourful' is certainly a tame way of putting it! My mum and dad were a mixed bag of parental lollies – alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally ill. . . So my sisters and I ended up being shipped around from place to place, everywhere from Hawaii to Tasmania. Countless schools, foster homes, the whole bit. Seeing the humour in my situation was pretty much what got me through, and continues to. That's why the show's called 'Kid Chameleon' - shape-shifting and adapting was the only way to survive.

What will you be bringing in your show?
My solo show 'Kid Chameleon', which explores the funny side of surviving pretty dark stuff, and wonders if any of us ever feel like we've 'made it' (I'm hoping no, because I certainly don't). 

Why have you decided to collate this material into a show?
'Kid Chameleon' is 95 per cent new material, with a couple of my favourite bits from the last five years thrown in, because it's a kind of 'send-off' for me talking about my bloody childhood! I had to be a kid chameleon for a long time, and I've really moved on from it, so I'm hoping this is a nice, neat way to say goodbye to telling stories about how my life was messed up growing up. Time to tell jokes about how my life is messed up now!

And what are you most looking forward to about presenting this material in particular?
Honestly, I just can't wait to be back on stage again after spending so much time stuck at home. I'm naturally pretty introverted, but even I'm desperate to be around people at this point. Even if they don't laugh. Although I'd prefer it if they do.

Did you learn anything new or discover any new hobbies during COVID?
Crochet! I sat in front of YouTube and watched hours of tutorials until I could do it. But all I can do is a square that gets bigger and bigger. So I just keep making squares until I run out of wool. My partner is thrilled.

What is the ideal audience reaction to 'Kid Chameleon'?
Buying me drinks because you liked it. Sparkling wine please.

Rosie Waterland plays Comic's Lounge (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 29 March-4 April, Astor Theatre (Perth Comedy Festival) 23 April and Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival) 7-8 May.



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