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Review: Daniel Connell @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024

Daniel Connell
National Arts and Comedy Editor. Based in Melbourne.
Pop culture, pop music and gaming are three of Jesse’s biggest passions. Lady Gaga, Real Housewives and The Sims can almost sum him up – but he also adores a night at the cinema or a trip to the theatre.

Daniel Connell’s got all the hallmarks of a bloody good Australian comedian.

His new show ‘Little Aussie Battler’ is proof once more of the talents this artist of his craft possesses. It’s a solid hour of fun anecdotes delivered with the candour of a friendly conversation with a mate at a barbeque. He sets the scene early on, encouraging his audience to sit back and relax. It’s a little thing, but you’d be surprised at how it affects the room.

The audience is treated to the dry but biting wit of Daniel’s storytelling, as he regales us with tales of bookstores, break-ins and Batman. Plus, there’s a healthy amount of audience interaction – and you can tell Daniel knows how to familiarise himself with members of his crowd just well enough that he might have a reason to refer to them later in the show, much to the enjoyment of everyone else in the room.

It’s this skill of callback and reference that is a highlight of Dan’s comedy: there’s something brilliant in how he plants an idea into our heads only to trail off somewhere else and reference it half an hour later. It’s a classic from the comedy textbook, but Daniel truly has it down, and it means that everything he tells you is being told for a reason – you just might not know why. . . Yet!

‘Little Aussie Battler’ is the opportunity to see a master of stand-up at work. His conversational, down-to-earth delivery makes this show just as much a night at the theatre, as a chat with that friend at the party who’s got all the good stories.

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