Perth Brings Stand-Up Comedy From Their Lounge To Yours

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Perth Comedy Lounge Perth Comedy Lounge

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak it's pretty easy to lose your sense of humour and get swept up in the craziness.

Luckily, Perth's Comedy Lounge is providing some relief in the form of professionally-shot stand-up footage to make you giggle. . . Lounge Laughs.

You'll be doing a good thing, too – every episode, released each Saturday, will cost just $1 to watch and that goes towards the comics themselves as well as the Comedy Lounge bar staff.

Each episode is 15 minutes long and a range of comedians will be showcased each week.

Episode one featured Jon Pinder, Andrew Wolfe, Rory Lowe and Mickey J, while episode two had Mandy Knight, Amos Gill, Dan Rath and Larry Dean.

You can check out more information on tickets here.



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